Everything You Need to Know About Mapsly (Pros & Cons)

Feb 22, 2022

everything you need to know about Mapsly

If you and your team are not utilizing the power of location intelligence and sales automation, it’s time to jump on board. Long gone are the days when outside sales teams can stay competitive without advanced geo-intelligence, optimized map routing, and streamlined sales processes tied into their CRM.

In today’s digital environment, all of these things are essential for outside sales reps to be as successful as possible. But as the need for this type of software has increased more and more, so has the number of options available. So, it’s understandable if you are trying to figure out which software is the best fit for your team.  

Mapsly is one of the popular options when it comes to a geo-intelligence platform for sales teams. This mobile-friendly software helps put your CRM’s location data to work across your entire organization and automate some of your team’s sales processes around the map.

In this article, we’ve broken down everything you need to know about Mapsly, as well as some options to consider for a Mapsly alternative to help you pinpoint which tool may be the perfect fit for your team.

What is Mapsly Exactly?

Mapsly is a geo-intelligence platform that can be used within its desktop platform but is also light enough for sales reps who purely want a mobile mapping option. The software allows sales teams to add location intelligence and automation features to their CRM (or other IT system). Some of Mapsly’s key features include:

  • Data visualization and editing
  • Territory management with auto-assignment
  • Customized routing and user tracking
  • Record search by distance
  • Prospect discovery
  • No-code sales process automation (ie. assignment of new leads to reps)

Features of the Mapsly tool
The Mapsly tools includes routing and user tracking, territory management and data visualization.

The Mapsly platform brings a deeper level of visualization and understanding to your team’s CRM data by enabling users to view companies, contacts, deals, and custom objects on a map.

For sales leadership, Mapsly provides the ability to map your sales territories, auto-assign customer records to them, assign the territories to individual reps, and save those territories to your CRM. Territories can be created based on counties, zip codes, states, and more. (Territory assignment in Mapsly does require either the Pro or Enterprise level plan, see Pricing below).

Mapsly territory management feature.
Using Mapsly, territories can be created based on counties, zip codes, states, and more.

Mapsly also helps outside sales reps increase their efficiency and streamline planning by offering routing features. Reps can create optimized driving routes for multiple stops which take into account historical and live traffic patterns, providing the most efficient way and reducing drive time. The app also includes configurable check-in/out, user location tracking for current and historical locations, and regular visit/route planning. (Regular visit planning does require an additional add-on, see pricing below.)

In addition to helping reps plan the best routes, Mapsly also helps streamline prospecting by offering the ability to search for local businesses by keyword(s). The results can then be added to your CRM as leads or accounts. Reps can also use the “best-matching records” feature to quickly and automatically find matching records to custom criteria within the CRM data.

Pricing for Mapsly

Of course, the cost of adding a new sales tool is initially a concern for any business, especially small to medium-sized businesses. Mapsly offers several different plans to try and fit the needs and budget of every sales team.

The three plans that are offered are:

Essential =

$25 per user per month

Pro =

$45 per user per month

Enterprise =

$70 per user per month

Additional Add-Ons Available:

Mapsly offers two add-ons that are available to add separately to you and your team’s core Mapsly plan depending on your business’ needs.

These include:

Route Planner Credits = Contact Mapsly for pricing on packages of credits to meet your team’s usage needs.* The packages are billed and replenished monthly.

Shared Maps = $100 per month, per organization**

*To use Mapsly’s regular visit planner function, your team will need to subscribe to a monthly package of route planner credits. Each time a rep uses the Planner, it will consume the number of credits that equals the number of locations that need to be visited in that route.

For example: When the Planner executes a plan that contains visits to 100 records for each of your 5 reps/users, it will use 500 routing credits.

**To use the shared maps function, you’ll need a Mapsly plan with at least two users – one Administrator and one user with a Shared Maps-type profile – plus the Shared Maps add-on.

Mapsly does offer a free 14-day trial to test out the app and see how it would work for your sales team.

Pros and Cons of Mapsly

The goal when selecting a sales software option is to find the one that fits your team’s needs the closest. As is the case any time you are trying to make a decision, it is smart to weigh the pros and cons of the option you are considering. You can then compare the good and bad of the software against what your team needs to solve its current challenges and unlock opportunities.  

When it comes to Mapsly, some of the pros and cons of this platform include:


  • User-friendly platform with streamlined onboarding.
  • The platform offers a large number of map filters to easily change and customize how you are viewing data geographically.
  • Sales leadership can customize and configure user profiles to control access to individual records, objects, their fields, and Mapsly features.
  • Mapsly even supports sales teams with trucks by offering the capability to build optimized routes using one of the available truck travel modes and a variety of truck-specific parameters.


  • Does not offer as high a level of planning capabilities that other software options do besides just the route planning. (Check out Map My Customers’ Smart Planner)
  • Mapsly does not have as much in-depth reporting capability, like pipeline/deal visualization as other platforms.
  • Does not offer the level of team management functions that other software options provide.

Mapsly’s CRM Integrations

Mapsly offers a variety of integration capabilities with many of the most-used sales CRMs. With these integrations, your team can easily access, edit, and add to customer and prospect data from within the Mapsly app and sync information in real-time.

Depending on the CRM, Mapsly can be integrated either through a native bi-directional connection, through Zapier, or by using Mapsly’s API.

Some of the popular CRMs that Mapsly integrates with include:

Alternatives to Mapsly

Finding the perfect fit for your team will enable them to be more effective and more productive than ever while allowing your company to see an ROI from the software.

To find the perfect fit for your team when it comes to mapping software, you should be thorough in your evaluation and compare Mapsly with some of the other top available options. Here is a breakdown of some popular picks for a Mapsly alternative:

Map My Customers

Best for field sales teams looking for a powerful, mobile-friendly all-in-one outside sales solution.

Map My Customers takes mapping and field sales team management capabilities to a whole new level and expands on the valuable functions Mapsly misses out on that successful field sales teams need.  With a clean and user-friendly design, this all-in-one sales solution optimizes sales effectiveness and field productivity for outside sales teams through robust workflow tools, powerful sales mapping, streamlined team management capabilities, and in-depth reporting, while storing all field and territory data in one central location. Thus, enabling teams to onboard new reps much faster.

Map My Customers alternative to Mapsly
The Map My Customers all-in-one sales solution optimizes field productivity and sales effectiveness for the entire team. The platform provides sales mapping as well as robust workflow tools, in-depth reporting, and team management capabilities.

Purpose-built for field sales reps, Map My Customers empowers teams to be more productive, even while out in the field, through visualization and advanced filtering of customers/prospects geographically, optimized multi-stop sales routing, automated check-ins, fast logging of calls and visits, the ability to add notes and new records, and more. With the Smart Planner functionality, reps receive recommendations for specific sales activities to add to their daily calendar, preventing any gaps in their workday and eliminating the chance for accounts to fall out of cadence. This enables teams to plan their days much more effectively in half the time and then turn that plan into an optimized sales route in seconds.

Map My Customers also offers valuable sales team-management capabilities. The comprehensive dashboard gives managers an in-depth overview of the entire team, allowing them to easily see their team’s territories, daily sales activities, and sales stats through the web application or mobile app. Thus giving managers all of the most important data at their fingertips and eliminating the need to constantly interrupt their reps’ day.

The Lead Finder feature within the platform enables reps to optimize their prospecting efforts like never before. They can search the map for new leads that may be near their current location, along their sales route, or near current customers that they are visiting that day. These new leads will show as pins on the map and can provide detailed business info in just a tap. They can then be easily imported into your account and synced back to your CRM.

The platform also provides much more in-depth reporting compared to Mapsly and other software options, allowing managers to uncover opportunities in ways like never before. Sales leaders can gain deep insights through simplified views of the most important sales data, including a geographically-based revenue heat map.

The Weekly Scorecard from Map My Customers gives sales leaders the latest updates on their team’s performance right from an easy-to-read email. The weekly update can be customized to include the data you want to see and includes key sales stats like the activities completed, pipeline created, number of deals won, and more. The Team Leaderboard within the Scorecard shows the top-performing reps and those who may need more coaching/training.

Map My Customers offers out-of-the-box native integrations with Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho CRM, and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

If you want to enable your team to simplify their day-to-day, increase effectiveness, and grow your business, then Map My Customers is the perfect fit.


Personal = $60/month per user – billed monthly, Team = $105/month per user – billed monthly.

Experience an interactive product demo of Map My Customers

Badger Maps

Best for solo outside sales reps who don’t need in-depth team management functions.

For independent outside sales reps who don’t need the team management capabilities that some of the other options offer, Badger Maps is a good option. The mobile-friendly app provides reps location intelligence through geographical displays of sales data for more improved insights and sales effectiveness. Badger Maps can also help automate some common sales activities like schedule planning, optimized sales routing, lead generation, and more.

Badger Maps alternative to Mapsly
Badger Maps is a sales mapping tool for reps who don’t need the in-depth team management that other software options offer.

Badger Maps offers several native integrations as well as integrations through Zapier with some of the most popular CRMs. It’s important to note that with several of the integrations, Badger Maps can only map your contacts and not companies or deals.


Business= $49/month per user – billed annually ($59/month per user – billed monthly, Enterprise= $95/month per user – billed annually ($105/month per user – billed monthly). A 7-day free trial is available.


Best for door-to-door B2C sales teams who want a territory mapping tool that also offers basic sales insights.

SalesRabbit is a sales canvassing and mapping software that checks off the boxes for the needs of many door-to-door B2C sales teams. Reps can quickly and easily track leads, graphically visualize customer data, see which houses have been visited, and monitor and report on progress through the day, helping your team to optimize efficiency and effectiveness. SalesRabbit, when integrated with your team’s CRM, can help reps make the best use of CRM data when they’re out in the field.

SalesRabbit alternative to Mapsly
SalesRabbit works as a canvassing app that provides valuable solutions for customer/lead management, sales team management, lead tracking, and other field sales needs.

The platform also enables sales leaders to manage the team’s sales territories and activities more effectively. Managers can easily create sales territories, assign them, track reps’ progress visually, and monitor the sales performance of the individual reps as well as the overall performance of the team.

SalesRabbit also allows you to see the reps that have been assigned to a territory previously as well as the activity history, giving current reps exactly what they need to pick up from where things were left off.


Team= $25/month per user – billed annually ($32/month per user – billed quarterly) plus a one-time setup fee of $399, Pro= $35/month per user – billed annually ($45/month per user – billed quarterly) plus a one-time setup fee of $399. Enterprise= $59/month per user – billed annually (No quarterly billing with this plan) plus a one-time setup fee starting at $999. Additional add-ons are available separately.


Best for sales teams that want a more economic territory mapping option and are okay with more limited functions compared to other software.

Another option for mapping sales data is Geopointe. This software helps teams apply geography to their sales efforts, gain valuable insights, streamline processes and improve effectiveness. By location-enabling your team’s CRM data, the mobile-friendly platform allows reps to visualize prospects and customers within their territory geographically on a map.

Geopointe also enables teams to create optimized sales routes to help automate their multi-stop route planning efforts. Reps can plan routes daily or pre-plan routes weeks or months in advance (available as an add-on feature to the regular Geopointe plan).

For sales managers, Geopointe also provides sales managers a bird’s-eye-view of the team’s sales data through visualization and filtering capabilities, helping to uncover sales trends and untapped opportunities that can drive data-backed management decisions. Though the platform does not offer the level of advanced data filtering that some of the other software options do.


Annual Plan = $55/month per user – billed annually, Enterprise = Contact For Pricing (includes optional add-on features). A free demo is available.

Location Intelligence = A Successful Outside Sales Team

The most successful outside sales teams know that software that offers geo-intelligence, territory mapping, and routing is a necessity in today’s business environment. Utilizing software like the options we’ve covered above will streamline your team’s sales processes, boost productivity, and optimize sales effectiveness.

As you can see, there are several options of tools to choose from. To pinpoint the best fit for your company, make sure to consider the size of your sales team, your needs, and your budget.

Give your outside sales team the direction and tools they need to be the most successful with a new mapping software today!

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