Step by Step Guide to Better Sales Coaching

Most likely, you’re throwing your money away on ineffective sales coaching. And you’re not alone. When it comes to coaching a sales team, it takes intentionality and strategy to help your sales reps sell effectively and become as successful as possible. According to research from CSO Insights, 75% of sales organizations waste resources due to […]

How to Use Sales Data for Coaching

Alternatively referred to as “career counseling” or “professional advising,” sales coaching is a highly effective way of helping sales reps perform at their best. In the past, team leads or managers would primarily focus on anecdotal evidence when providing coaching to their staff members. While they would leverage some data-driven insights when creating their coaching […]

Outside Sales Rep Productivity: What a Rep Does in a Typical Week

It’s never been more important to do more with less (and in less time). Businesses have a magnifying glass pointed at employee productivity, and for most sales reps today, success requires more footwork and more time. A report from Forrester observed that closing a deal now involves more buying interactions than ever before, jumping from […]

A Breakdown of Average Sales Rep Commission Rates by Industry

The Great Resignation, as many experts have coined it, is upon us: the US Department of Labor reported that nearly 4 million professionals quit their jobs in June 2021. This resignation has a serious impact on the businesses. Gartner research estimates that each departing employee costs almost $19K. One of the best ways to recruit […]

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Hold Your Sales Team Accountable

It’s not enough to have great talent on your sales team. Even if your reps have serious selling skills, true success comes when everyone is aligned with the goals and sales expectations set by management, while also being motivated and being held accountable. Sales accountability is a huge part of effective team management. But what […]

The Definitive Guide to Sales Territory Management

Helping sales teams hit their sales goals has never been an easy task: only 65% of field sales reps at large companies hit their sales quotas. The current sales environment has only made it harder than ever for reps to meet, let alone exceed, their quotas. If your business’ sales goals are not being met, […]

Increase Field Rep Accountability with Proper Team Management [Infographic]

When your team operations in all different locations, it can create a lot more challenges in management than working in an office together. Additionally, field teams are often laking the proper technology to properly manage their distributed teams. In fact, 70% of reps are not using any type of accountability or tracking software. The most […]

Why Your Sales Team Need Route Optimization Software (and the Best Tools of 2019)

What if you could save money and win more sales at the same time? There are few forms of technology that can offer its users the opportunity to both save AND earn money together. Yet, that’s exactly what route optimization does. Still relatively new in the world of tech, route optimization gives you the chance […]

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