CRM’s 3 Data Dilemmas, and How to Solve Them

Jun 26, 2019

CRM systems became a mainstay when the world realized what data and smart analytics could do together, but even today the most popular software options haven’t reached their full potential. 33% of customers who abandoned a business relationship last year did so because it lacked personalization. So, what are they missing and how does it impact businesses?

Written by our Emad Khan (our COO here at Map My Customers), we explore how CRM fails to cater to the needs of modern field sales teams by diving into three pressing problems with CRM data inaccuracy:

1. Data sources are more limited than they seem. – a fair portion of CRM data is stale due to limited detailed, accurate and actionable customer data.

2. Analytics look in the wrong direction – Most CRM data is retrospective rather than future-facing reports, leaving companies stuck without proper data to strategically plan for the future.

3. There’s a gap between reporting and closing – The competitive CRM market makes it unlikely that your CRM will integrate with competitors, limiting how much your data can work together to customize action plans for clients.

To find out more about these issues and how you can solve them – check out the full article at Destination CRM.