What Is CRM Mapping Software? — Why You Need It and Tools to Get Started

Jun 25, 2020

More and more sales teams are adding CRMs to their tech stack, and there’s a good reason why. CRMs are a great tool for sales teams. They provide a convenient location to put customer information and allow for easy access everywhere. CRM mapping software partners with CRMs to enable sales teams to visualize that same data geographically.

Getting started with CRMs and CRM mapping software may seem overwhelming— there are many options on the market to choose from, and each product has its own strengths. In order to make the most out of the tool, it’s important to choose the CRM and CRM mapping software that is the best fit for your team.

In this article, we’ll break down the uses of CRM mapping software, the benefits of adding it to your toolkit, and the considerations to have in mind when choosing the right one for your team.

What is CRM Mapping Software?

CRM mapping software is a specialized tool that helps you see your team’s data visually and geographically. It enables you to visualize prospect and customer address information and revenue data using the data collected by your CRM.

Using a mapping software along with a standard CRM can help sales reps keep better track of their relationships and manage their territory better. Mapping allows you to better oversee your territories with the ability to designate and assign territories to specific reps. Adding a CRM mapping software to your sales stack can help your sales team regain valuable time in their day lost to inefficient routing.

Understanding CRMs

CRM, which stands for customer relationship management, is a technology for managing your team’s relationships and interactions with prospects and customers. It can help increase your team’s productivity and efficiency, improve the quality of your customer interactions, and multiply your profitability.

However, the average CRM doesn’t help sales reps with the time-consuming job of finding the right routes to manage their travel. It’s also difficult for leaders to use the data to find patterns and visualize what it all means.

CRM mapping software is the answer to these difficulties. The tool overlays the information on a map in a smart and beneficial way. However, standard CRMs typically do not package mapping solutions in their normal sales solutions software. Typically, more complicated mapping solutions come from third-party tools.

Understanding CRM Mapping

Mapping software adds more value to your sales strategy than you may be aware of. CRM mapping is not the same as Google Maps— instead, CRM mapping is an upgrade. For simple situations, it’s easy to use consumer maps like Google Maps to route out your day. But if you’re seeing more than four accounts in a day, you should consider a specialized software solution. In today’s sales environment, relying on Google Maps is an “old school” method that leaves too much room for error.

Benefits of CRM Mapping

The ability to visualize data on a map has many advantages for businesses. Not only can CRM mapping software be valuable for sales, but they also offer opportunities for the entire company.

Adding CRM mapping software to your toolkit can help your team:

See Your Customers as Pins on a Map

Visualization allows leadership to see and understand everything on a much larger scale. Sales strategy can be improved with insights from mapping technology. Whether recognizing high performing areas, finding opportunities to expand or creating more effective territory management, mapping offers managers better opportunities to increase sales.

Maps allow leadership to see exactly where there are currently the most customers and limited opportunities to find more customers. They can also see if there is an area that is underrepresented by their sales team that they can concentrate on expanding. This information can be difficult, if not near impossible, to comprehend and interpret from a simple list of names and addresses. Mapping is the quickest way to come up with an effective sales strategy for your team.

Improve Efficiency in Routing & Planning

In the past, sales reps would make their route at random and spend valuable time stuck in traffic or driving across town with inefficient routes. However, mapping technology can make sure that your team is taking the fastest way possible.

Not only can mapping provide quick routes, but your reps can also make the most of their sales trips. Whether driving across town or flying across the country, your reps can check to see what other customers are in the same region. If your rep is going out of the way to see one client, why not check to see if there is anyone else to visit in the area? Mapping allows your team to check quickly and easily.

Oversee Your Reps Easily

No matter what industry, micromanaging is not an effective leadership tactic. However, workers do need some oversight. Outside sales pose a unique problem, because managers can’t pop in quickly to see how projects are going.

CRM mapping allows leaders to quickly check where their sales reps are and how efficiently they’re working without needing to constantly call and check-in. Leaders can provide the right amount of oversight while giving their sales team the freedom they need to work effectively.

Manage Your Territories Effectively

CRM mapping allows you to see your territories laid out neatly on a map, and know exactly which customers are assigned to each rep. Defining and assigning territory to your sales reps is as simple as dropping pins and drawing out areas on the digital map. The software helps you visualize your prospects not only based on location but also based on demographic information and target profile. With CRM mapping, you can step up your territory management game.

Sales territory mapping software can help you maximize your sales team’s efficiency and increase revenue. It prevents costly mistakes that can occur, such as wasting a lot of time on “prospects” that have very little chance of buying.

Check in with Your Accounts Regularly

Mapping can also help you manage your customers and prospects more effectively. Using the software, you can see if you haven’t made a check-in with an account in a while. You can set up reminders to check in at a specific interval, so you will never miss out on closing a deal because you simply forgot about it.

Maximize the Potential of Your Current CRM

CRM mapping software can allow you to use your current CRM to the fullest extent. In addition to helping you visualize the data that you already have, it also helps you collect more accurate and useful information on the go.

Choosing the Right CRM Mapping Software for Your Team

Each sales team has its own needs when it comes to CRM mapping. You should compare different softwares to find the solution that best fits your team.

Here are a few common options that people are choosing today:

Salesforce Maps logo

Salesforce Maps

Best for teams already in the Salesforce ecosystem

Salesforce Maps, formerly known as MapAnything, is a mobile-compatible mapping software that helps sales reps with map-based visualization, optimized routing, prioritized scheduling, and lead generation. As an add-on to the Salesforce CRM, Salesforce Maps is an easy solution for teams that are already in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Google Maps logo

Google Maps

Best for reps on a tight budget that are visiting less than 4 stops a day

Google Maps is a free application that is simple to use and can handle simple routing situations for reps that are not looking for extensive routing and analytic capabilities. It is a great tool for reps that are just starting out and do not have the budget to invest in a dedicated CRM mapping solution.

Map My Customers

Best for teams looking for a holistic outside sales solution

Map My Customers is a route planning and territory management tool that is purpose-built for your outside sales team. The mapping software offers a convenient routing feature that is compatible with many popular CRMs, including Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho, and Microsoft Dynamics.

It provides visualization of vital data for better insights, cadence management so that hot leads do not fall between the cracks, and rep accountability to make your team as efficient as possible. Sales reps can automate route planning for faster routes and less time on the road. It enables sales reps to spend more time selling instead of driving.

See a hands-on product tour of Map My Customers

CRM Mapping for a Better Business

Adding CRM mapping software to your outside sales toolkit is a great investment. Its ability to visualize data geographically enables sales teams to use the information that they collect out in the field in a more efficient and productive way.

With the help of CRM mapping, you can see customers as pins on a map, improve efficiency in routing and planning, oversee reps easily, manage territories effectively, check in with accounts regularly, and maximize the potential of your current CRM.

There are many different mapping solutions out there, so you should consider all of the factors when choosing a mapping tool that is the right fit for your team. Compatibility with your current CRM, budget, and specific needs should factor into the decision.

Optimize your sales team with the many benefits of CRM mapping software. Give it a try today!