Best Sales Integrations for HubSpot CRMs

Jul 14, 2021

HubSpot is one of the leading developers of inbound marketing software and tools that make a huge difference throughout every part of the sales cycle. From attracting new customers to keeping your existing customers happy. Of course, the most well-known tool in their arsenal is the free HubSpot CRM. Other HubSpot tools available include the Marketing Hub, Service Hub, and Sales Hub.

One of the things that set the HubSpot CRM apart is the ease of integration with many other powerful tools. Tools that every great sales professional utilizes (or should be utilizing!). By using a combination of HubSpot and different useful integrations, you create an extremely powerful centralized hub that makes it easier to attract new customers, provide relevant solutions that they are looking for, and keep your customers happy.

Instead of keeping different spreadsheets and utilizing various programs for your sales and marketing teams, HubSpot and its integrations can provide one centralized solution to use across your entire company. As a result, it can make almost every part of the day for sales reps and their leaders much more effortless.

Graphic of all HubSpot integrations
Source: Hubspot

A Growing Number of Integrations

As the business world continues to change and evolve, sales professionals use more automation and more kinds of software. But an increase in tools is ineffective if they can’t work together. That is why during 2018, HubSpot’s goal was to evolve from “an all-in-one suite into an all-on-one platform.”

There are now over 200 available HubSpot integrations across 17 different task categories, including sales automation and calling. Ninety-four new app integrations were added in 2018 to the HubSpot partner ecosystem, amounting to a 70% increase. This continues to increase by the day as partner developers continue to add application integrations.

2018 saw the most significant increase in app adoptions & connections by HubSpot users than ever before. In addition, 85% of users utilize at least one integrated application with HubSpot. The seamlessness of integrations creates a win-win situation all the way around.

Let’s take a look at some of the best integrations to boost your HubSpot CRM as a sales professional:

B2C Inside Sales

In the fast-paced world of B2C inside sales, getting to prospects and leads as quickly as possible is critical. Sales reps that can cut down on wasted time inputting data and gaindeeper insights to personalize the process will be much more likely to hit quota. The right HubSpot CRM integrations can help them improve their selling process:


As a customizable, open-source eCommerce platform, WooCommerce helps businesses get up and running right away.

By integrating your WooCommerce store to HubSpot CRM, you can make your customer management easier. Not only this, you can create campaigns, workflows and do much more to target your users to nurture and eventually convert automatically.

HubSpot WooCommerce’s integration by MakeWebBetter enables you to connect your WooCommerce store to HubSpot within a few minutes. It also helps you automatically sync your contacts, orders, and products directly into HubSpot in no time.

Apart from this, it comes with preloaded workflows, lists, properties, etc. that helps you in contact segmentation, automated lead generation, abandoned cart recovery and many other aspects.


This WooCommerce integration is completely free available on HubSpot Marketplace, WordPress and WooCommerce.


WhatsApp can be a powerful selling tool with its free, fast, and secure messaging and calling. By integrating with HubSpot, sales teams can streamline their communication and message directly in their CRM.

With the WhatsApp integration with HubSpot CRM, sales reps can create and store message templates, as well as see conversation history on the Contact’s Timeline to make communication as fast and relevant as possible. You can also use HubSpot Workflows to automatically trigger messages based on the content of the prospect message and status. Plus, it adds contact information easily directly into HubSpot CRM to avoid time wasted with data entry.


  • Starter plan: $50/month
  • Professional plan: $99/ month

They also offer a free 7-day trial for users.

B2C Outside Sales

Door-to-door sales requires not only a plan to make the most of your territory but also deeper insights to know where exactly you should spend your time. The right integrations can help B2C outside sales teams make more sales through outlook and strategy:


While HubSpot CRM provides excellent capabilities for storing information, it does lack some of the solutions that an outside sales team needs. Spotio helps bridge some of these gaps with their HubSpot integration. By automatically capturing sales activity, the app provides companies with a complete picture of their sales data.

HubSpot CRM can also be challenging to bring out when making sales calls. Spotio is a mobile-friendly app that sales reps can take with them out of the office and into the field.


  • Teams: $39/month per user
  • Business: $69/month per user
  • Pro: $129/month per user
  • Spotio also offers custom Enterprises packages


SalesRabbit is another app that can help outside B2C teams make the best use of their HubSpot CRM out in the field.

With a Zapier account, sales reps can report on their progress to leadership, track leads, and close deals all from the field. It enables them to visualize data to work quickly and efficiently. It also allows leaders to perform more efficient territory management. They can assign territories more effectively, as well as track their rep’s progress out in the field. Management can also measure the overall performance of both their individual salespeople and the team as a whole.


  • $29/month per user
  • SalesRabbit does require a Zapier subscription in addition to their own

B2B Inside Sales

Because they are reaching other businesses, inside B2B sales reps need professional tools that will help them stand out from competitors and give prospects a personalized experience. A couple of the top tools for B2B inside sales includes:


Video is quickly growing as a sales tool. Prospects are much more willing to watch a video than sift through other forms of content. As a result, many sales teams need an easy way to create videos that will help move prospects through the sales funnel.

Vidyard enables teams to create and share videos to delight and connect with prospects. Sales reps can provide product demos, marketing videos, and share testimonials with clients, as well as share videos with the entire team. Users can download various videos to use directly from their library and create a custom video sharing page to provide a distraction-free alignment with their brand. Reps can even easily add videos to emails and video CTA that prospects will want to watch.

With Vidyard’s integration with HubSpot, sales reps can enhance their videos with viewer engagement data. They can know what leads watch and when. It also allows sales reps to build and automate their workflows. Sales teams and leadership can see who their viewers are and share the data to create new leads in HubSpot and optimize the prospect experience.


  • Teams: $300/month
  • Teams Plus: $600/month
  • Business: $1250/month


A sales team is most successful when they’re meeting with customers. However, the back-and-forth of making appointments can often waste valuable time for both the rep and their prospects. Calendly saves time and improves the client experience by making appointment setting seamless and easy.

With Calendly’s HubSpot integration, sales teams can focus their time on selling, not data entry. It automatically syncs meeting details into the CRM. The entire sales team has access to real-time data and the complete relationship record for better sales insights.

With the HubSpot integration, Calendly automatically creates leads and contacts in the CRM so sales reps aren’t stuck with inputting all the information. It also creates and updates meetings if there are any changes and inputs the customer’s question responses directly into the contact on HubSpot. When an invitee schedules an appointment, Calendly automatically verifies email addresses and either creates or updates the contact on HubSpot.


  • $15/month for the monthly plan
  • $12/month for the yearly plan
  • Free 14-day trial available

B2B Outside Sales

When it comes to sales software, some can be used across the board. However, the needs, opportunities, and challenges of B2B outside sales mean that they need additional tools to give them an edge over the competition. With the right tool stack, sales reps can be leaner, faster, and more effective:

Map My Customers

We may be partial, but as the leading outside sales automation platform, Map My Customers provides a very powerful solution in combination with the HubSpot CRM. Plus, Map My Customers was named one of the fastest-growing integrations with HubSpot (along with a few other of our favorites on this list). You can quickly and easily create dynamic visuals and maps of your prospects, clients, deals, sales numbers, and more with the Map My Customers integration.

Our self-service HubSpot integration allows your team to seamlessly sync data from HubSpot to Map My Customers — meaning your reps can spend less time on administrative work. The Map My Customers mobile-friendly app makes it easy to configure your HubSpot integration on the go. Create optimized routes in your territories using a powerful mapping engine, automate some of your most time-consuming sales processes and effortlessly sync with HubSpot for high-quality, clean and consistent data.

Ready to upgrade your HubSpot integration game today? Check out how Map My Customers makes integration easy, efficient and effective!


Start your 14-day free trial with Map My Customers


The close is one of the most vital aspects of sales. Signing the contract is the make-or-break moment that turns a prospect into an actual paying customer. PandaDoc makes creating and signing contracts easy.

With PandaDoc’s integration with HubSpot, sales reps can create proposals, quotes, and contracts directly in HubSpot. Reps can choose a previously created template, upload a document, or create a template from scratch.

With PandaDoc’s eSignature makes signing contracts easy so that sales teams won’t need additional tools. Prospects can sign from any device with legally binding and enforceable electronic signatures.

Sales reps can also pull data and contact information directly from HubSpot to minimize time spent putting together a contract. Users can also check the status of a contract or get a direct link to the document from HubSpot CRM.


  • Business: $59/month per user for the monthly plan, $49/month per user for the yearly plan
  • Enterprise: $1068
  • Free 14-day trial available

The Best HubSpot Integrations for More Effective Sales

Sales reps have more on their plate than ever. Between the pressure of selling in 2020, managing a social media presence, capturing and understanding data, and a constant stream of new technology, many are trying to find ways to make their lives easier. These integrations make sales apps efficient and effective, rather than a burden.

With a rapidly growing number of integrated applications, like Map My Customers, HubSpot CRM provides an all-on-one centralized hub for sales and marketing professionals. A hub that allows you to work at peak efficiency, attract new customers, and keep your current customers happy.

Any successful sales professional knows that utilizing the available tools in today’s digital world is a no-brainer. With over 200 integrations available, HubSpot CRM can help you form your optimized stack of applications to operate at peak efficiency and success.

Have you found the perfect stack of integrations you use with HubSpot to optimize your day and that of your customers? Let us know. We want to hear from you!