Map Out your Hubspot Data for Next Level Sales Insights

Jul 19, 2021

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If you use HubSpot, mapping your data and integrating data visualization for the entire team can be a game-changer. It allows not only yourself and other sales managers but also your sales reps to read between the lines and uncover new sales opportunities to grow your bottom line.

Hubspot funnel visualization could be the key to your business’ sales revenue growth. Couple data visualization with the robust CRM platform that Hubspot is and the sales data that it provides, and you can create a very powerful combination. In this article, we’ll break down exactly why you should be utilizing Hubspot sales mapping and exactly how you can do that.

Why Hubspot Data Mapping Is Important

Your robust Hubspot CRM holds all of your companies’ customer information, profiles, interactions, and sales funnel information. Its intuitive platform allows you and your reps to quickly and easily import new prospect information, edit existing data, review communication data, and more. All of the sales information your teams need is there. But, most of it is in raw, line-item form.

By transforming your HubSpot data into rich visuals, new knowledge and sales opportunities will be a lot easier to spot and understand. Uneven territories can be made more balanced so that profitable opportunities won’t be falling through the cracks.

Some of the benefits that many sales teams find when they start mapping include:

  • Better customer segmentation. For an effective sales strategy, leaders need to understand exactly where their customers are. Spotting trends in the market can help create more effective plans for growth and a better system to meet customer needs.
  • Increased ownership. Vague plans and territories can confuse sales reps. With more clearly defined mapping, each salesperson can take better ownership of their area.
  • Balanced territories. Imbalanced territories can lead to frustration, decreased productivity, and low morale. Getting better visualization of where customers are can help ensure that sales territories are more evenly sectioned off and given out fairly, even if markets and demographics change.
  • Measure performance. Are there significant disparities in growth between territories? Are there underserved markets? Are some reps struggling to meet the needs of their many customers while others can’t meet quota? Maps can help managers spot problems and compare rep performance. With the right visualization and mapping, leaders can more effectively measure sales between reps.
  • Effective planning. Seeing where customers are on a map can help leadership understand if there are any clusters. These insights can help inform decisions, such as where they can be put in a distribution center or retail store. It can also help identify where to send the sales team for visits to be most effective with their time.
  • Save time. Windshield time refers to how long sales reps spend on the road. The less time they can spend driving, the more time they can be selling. Mapping out where the customers are can both enable sales reps to spend their time where their customers are located, plus it can help them find the fastest routes to see as many prospects as possible.

By using a Hubspot map integration or Hubspot geographic heat map, for example, you can drastically increase your sales team’s efficiency and accountability. When you bridge the gap between your Hubspot data and opportunity mapping, you put your company and reps in a much more profitable position.

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Sales Mapping Software to Integrate With Your HubSpot Data

You don’t have to be an expert in programming, design, or statistics to utilize Hubspot data visualization. A sales mapping software that integrates with your Hubspot CRM is the key to visualizing your standard line-item sales data and elevating your sales process.

Many of these software tools and integrations exist to work cohesively and automatically with your Hubspot data. Making it almost effortless to transform it into rich and easy-to-comprehend visual depictions that you and your sales reps will utilize daily. There are several ways you can accomplish Hubspot Data visualization through integrated tools.

Map My Customers

Great for: The sales team who wants mapping, leadership insights, and productivity tools.

Map My Customers is the number one option available to make HubSpot data mapping possible both with sales and customer data. However, unlike other mapping options, Map My Customers can offer even more. It serves as a workflow tool to help your sales team be more productive.

The visually-based mobile CRM built for outside sales professionals integrates seamlessly with your Hubspot data. Quickly transform the contacts, companies, and deals in your HubSpot into dynamic map visuals using colors and groups.

When utilizing HubSpot sales mapping, you can easily distribute leads from HubSpot to your sales reps based on geographic color-coded territories defined in Map My Customers.

Efficiency is boosted through the use of optimized sales routing and spatial filtering within your team’s sales territories, decreasing windshield time by an average of 30%. This will allow sales reps to capitalize on more opportunities and spend their time where it matters most. With HubSpot data visualization, valuable prospects won’t slip through the cracks, and reps won’t be selling or prospecting inefficiently. Data, contact information, and activities can easily and quickly be updated or added to on the go in the field.

Opportunity visualization is also made possible by looking at a geographic heat map of your HubSpot data through Map My Customers. Pinpoint areas within territories that are producing the most profitable deals and shift sales focus as needed.



Great for: The sales team that just wants accounts on a map.

GeoMapper Logo

For sales teams that aren’t sure if they could benefit from HubSpot sales mapping and are new to sales, GeoMapper offers a way to start. GeoMapper works solely as a HubSpot integration and takes the contacts directly from your HubSpot account and maps them for you automatically.

Once you have customers mapped, you can create lists to make visualization even easier. For example, you can narrow down prospects based on where they are in the sales funnel. That way, you can see only the prospects and customers that are right for you.

You can also utilize GeoMapper’s sketch function for targeting areas and narrow down information. These lists can then be imported back into HubSpot for a variety of purposes. For example, marketing and customer service can use the information for creating customer events and campaigns.

For those who want lean HubSpot mapping software and don’t want to invest much up-front, GeoMapper can help you get started.


  • Starter: Up to 100 contacts (free)
  • Basic 5K: Up to 5,000 contacts ($52/mo for yearly plan; $65 month-by-month plan)
  • Pro 10K: Up to 10,000 contacts ($72/mo for yearly plan; $90 month-by-month plan)
  • Pro 25K: Up to 25,000 contacts ($112/mo for yearly plan; $140 month-by-month plan)
  • Pro 50K: Up to 50,000 contacts ($144/mo for yearly plan; $180 month-by-month plan)


Great for: The sales team that wants mapping and simple routing.

Mapsly logo

As a geo-intelligence platform, Mapsly integrates with HubSpot for a purely mobile option for users. It enables you to view contacts, deals, companies, and even custom objects on a map.

Mapsly enables leadership to auto-assign territories. You can automatically assign your HubSpot records to specific regions on Mapsly, then save them back to HubSpot. You can also create your own territories on the app from zip codes, counties, or states.

Mapsly also allows sales reps to optimize their driving routes and builds the fastest routes between multiple points. It takes historical and live traffic patterns into account to help reps find the most efficient way and reduce drive time. The app even supports truck parameters so that reps with trucks can optimize their routes as well. Their Workflow rules also allow you to calculate the distance between two locations.

In addition to helping reps find the best routes, Mapsly also finds local businesses to help salespeople get more business by keywords and import them into HubSpot. Mapsly searches keywords on Google maps to bring up local companies automatically. With their auto-match feature, you can automatically find matching records and save them on your HubSpot CRM as well.


  • Essential: $25/mo per user
  • Pro: $45/mo per user
  • Enterprise: $70/mo per user
  • Free trial is available.

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Map Your HubSpot Data for Sales Success

By mapping your HubSpot data into visually dynamic forms, you can set yourself, your sales reps, and your company up for optimal success and growth. As a smart sales manager, this is a no-brainer. Elevate your HubSpot sales data through data visualization, using the methods above, and take your company’s success to the next level.

As you can see, implementing mapping across all aspects of your HubSpot data can prove to be extremely beneficial. Not only to sales performance and accountability but also to the overall growth of the company. You will see increased profitability and peak efficiency. It will also save your company money. When your sales team is running at peak efficiency and capitalizing on the most profitable opportunities, they will be working without wasting time or resources in the process.

By integrating a HubSpot data visualization tool like Map My Customers with your HubSpot, you can ensure profitable opportunities don’t get lost in the shuffle of raw numbers. It also gives your sales reps the ability to zero in on new deals while on the go in the field. Transform your HubSpot data with our advanced sales mapping capabilities like interactive sales funnels, optimized sales territory routing, heat maps of profitable deals, and account snapshots. All in a mobile-friendly platform that backs your sales reps in the field.

Operate from a proactive approach versus a reactive approach caused by being bogged down in raw numbers. We can help you achieve that. Start your 14-day free trial Map My Customers for seamless integration with your HubSpot CRM and elevate your company’s sales.