Zoho Maps – Visualize Your Sales Data With Mapping

Jul 30, 2021

You know how powerful the Zoho CRM can be for your business and your sales team. It is an industry-leading multi-channel CRM with the ability to pull crucial customer information you and your reps need at the click of a button or by voice request.

But, you can level up your sales data even more by integrating your Zoho CRM with one of the most powerful options for Zoho maps and data visualization.

In this article, we’ll break down what exactly sales maps are and the benefits of using them to bring your sales data to life, as well as several of the top options available in the industry to do just that.

What Exactly Are Sales Maps?

Sales maps are the result of the visual transformation of massive amounts of sales data that is usually presented in complicated line-item reports and spreadsheets. With sales mapping, the raw sales data is turned into visual representations and interactive maps that are much easier for the brain to accurately and effectively digest. This is also sometimes referred to as data visualization.

Sales maps can include geographical maps of customers within sales territories, sales heat maps, and more. But, sales maps are not relegated to just geographical depictions. Your team’s sales process and funnel can also be visualized using sales mapping.

The human brain processes information presented in pictures, maps, and videos much faster than in raw numerical data. Studies have pinpointed that out of all the information transmitted to our brains, 90 percent of the information is visual. By implementing the use of sales maps and other forms of data visualization at the management level and the sales rep level, you can drastically increase effectiveness and accountability at both levels.

“The idea is to go from numbers to information to understanding.”

Hans Rosling, Swedish statistician

Using effective sales mapping software can help improve both the efficiency and productivity of your sales team, decrease errors in the data reported, and more easily pinpoint new opportunities that should be capitalized on. It is a lot easier to look at an interactive sales funnel and quickly pinpoint where your sales reps should focus more of their time and energy to capitalize on opportunities that may be being missed. Data visualization and sales maps as a whole will help you and your team better execute across the board and increase overall profit.

Source: PromptCloud

Zoho CRM + Sales Mapping

As we touched on above, sales mapping, used in conjunction with Zoho CRM, bridges the gap between data and optimized sales productivity. You and your team rely on your CRM data daily, why not make it truly work for you? When you bring this data to life through Zoho mapping you can then easily gain actionable insights and supercharge your reps’ efforts.


There are many ways a sales team can benefit from the visualization of your Zoho CRM data. These include:

  • Optimized opportunity visualization – Sales mapping makes opportunity visualization possible. You and your team will be able to quickly pinpoint where more focus and effort should be shifted to capitalize on new opportunities, map those opportunities out, and continue to scale success.
  • Optimized sales routes – A good sales mapping tool will enable you to use your Zoho CRM customers and leads to create the most efficient route for your reps to use to visit each of them. This reduces reps’ windshield time, travel-related costs, and with the increase in opportunities, it will increase the number of deals closed.
  • More efficient sales territoriesTerritory management is exponentially more difficult when you are trying to separate line items of customers and prospects that may be in the same area. Sales mapping will allow you to easily create and manage the most efficient sales territories, enabling your reps to capitalize on more sales opportunities.
  • Easily identify emerging patterns – When you can visualize your data on sales maps, you’ll be able to easily pinpoint any trends or patterns, both good and bad, in the sales process, within territories, etc. You’ll then be able to proactively take action to expand efforts or make corrections where needed.
  • Improved sales team alignment – Not everyone can easily or confidently wrap their heads around a bunch of numbers or line items in a spreadsheet. Sales mapping ensures each of your team members is looking at the same data in an easy-to-understand fashion that will be much more accurately understood. This means more improved and effective alignment of your team.
  • Increased accountability – Sales mapping creates a clear visualization of progress by showing exactly what your reps are doing, what still needs to be done, and new opportunities that may be available. Through this, there is clear transparency for everyone involved and increased accountability for results.

There are several valuable options of software that can easily integrate with Zoho Sales CRM data and be used for sales mapping. These integrations will provide a way to accomplish Zoho visualization and combine your CRM and data visualization to create an extremely profitable duo.

Let’s take a look at just some of the sales mapping options available to enhance your Zoho CRM data.

Data Visualization & Sales Mapping Software Integrations

Zoho Analytics

Best for sales teams who are already using Zoho Sales CRM and want to visualize their sales data

Source: Zoho Analytics

If you are used to the ease of use within your Zoho Sales CRM, it’s only natural to implement another robust tool from the Zoho family known as Zoho Analytics. This Zoho visualization and analytics tool transforms your number-driven data into visually appealing charts and graphs. Analyzing data in this way will help you confidently make the right decisions in less time.

You can view an easy-to-understand Zoho sales dashboard and create insightful reports that are easy to digest and understand by using the drag and drop interface. There are a variety of charts, pivot tables, widgets, and tabular view components available to utilize.

One of the best features of Zoho Analytics is the ability to share reports and dashboards with your colleagues and collaborate in real-time. What your colleagues or clients can see and do with any reports you share with them is also totally in your control.  You also can get more insight into your business by combining data from several different sources and your Zoho sales dashboard to create cross-functional reports. For example, pull data from your sales CRM (Zoho CRM) along with your helpdesk (Zendesk) data to easily create a “Sales vs. # Of Tickets Raised” visual report.

With Zoho Analytics you can see an average of 40% increase in productivity and a 33% increase in revenue.


  • Free Trial
  • Basic = $24/month
  • Standard = $48/month
  • Premium = $115/month
  • Enterprise = $455/month

Map My Customers

Best for outside sales teams needing an easy-to-use, mobile-first, all-in-one sales mapping solution with built-in routing, territory mapping, data visualization, and more

Source: Map My Customers

We may be a little biased, but another outstanding option is the Map My Customers integration with Zoho CRM. The easy-to-use, mobile-first sales mapping platform from Map My Customers is an industry-leading territory mapping, routing, and data visualization software that expands even further on the same type of functions that Zoho Analytics offers. But, it also adds the geographical mapping and productivity tools you need to drastically improve field sales efforts.

Through the highly intuitive interface, you’ll experience even further optimized effectiveness, productivity, and efficiency of your sales team and a better bottom line for your company. With advanced sales mapping capabilities, you and your team can transform and visualize your data and pinpoint opportunities and deals in the field.

You can either import all of your Zoho customer data and CRM updates into Map My Customers, or sync the customer data and updates back and forth seamlessly between both platforms. Choose what you want to sync, including contacts, companies, deals, and/or activities (like notes and tasks), and how often. Data can be synced daily, weekly, or monthly so you always have access to the latest customer activity.

One of the key features of utilizing Map My Customers and your Zoho CRM together is that you can quickly distribute Zoho leads to your sales reps based on the geographic territories defined in Map My Customers. Additionally, you can strategically break down your sales team’s accounts by creating color-coded groups of companies, contacts, and opportunities. Create groups to display prospects versus clients, different industry segments, and more and see those groups as pins on a map.

Map My Customers also allows you to supercharge your team’s efficiency by utilizing optimized routing. Used in conjunction with Zoho, Map My Customers enables your reps to plan optimized routes ahead of time with your Zoho contacts and prospects and visit more customers in less time. Smart Routing saves outside sales reps an average of 30% in windshield time. That’s more time available to close more deals.

You can also enjoy more accurate sales funnel visualization with the use of the Zoho CRM and Map My Customers integration. By utilizing sales data from your Zoho CRM, you can view a visually rich and interactive sales funnel that allows you to capitalize on opportunities and shift more focus to where it is needed most.

Integrate Map My Customers with your Zoho CRM to ensure your sales data is clean and consistent, save your reps time, and more easily uncover actionable insights from sales efforts.

Reps to plan more intelligently and quickly with the Map My Customers Smart Planner functionality. Reps can get smart recommendations for how to build their plan for the day/week, and then easily turn those plans into action. Smart Planner suggests certain sales activities for reps to add to their calendar, preventing accounts from falling through the cracks and reps from having gaps in their day. Daily agendas can be turned into an optimized route with just a tap, putting reps on the road in minutes.


  • Free Trial
  • Small Team (1-3 users) = $50/month
  • Medium Team (4-30 users) = $70/month
  • Large Team (+30 users) = Custom price

Start your 14-day free trial with Map My Customers

Power BI App

Best for sales teams that still want to visualize data from multiple sources but do not have the resources for an advanced mapping and visualization tool

Source: Power BI‌‌

Another great data visualization tool that fully utilizes the power of business intelligence is Power BI. With Power BI, connecting all of your vital business data can be easier than ever before. It allows you to instantly use your data efficiently and confidently.

This software only takes 3 minutes to install and connect to your Zoho CRM and as soon as it is connected you can start visualizing your sales data. Also, the mobile version of the Power BI is available for both Apple and Android phones.

Power BI allows you to utilize multiple chart styles, set your notification settings based on target key performance indicators (KPIs), and receive instant notifications to both your desktop and mobile versions. These alerts keep you informed of any changes in KPIs and reporting that you want to monitor closely. You can also share crucial KPI info with your sales team instantly.

All of the core sales and financial KPIs are already built into Power BI and ready to use immediately. You just set and display the indicators you need and can get instant data for any given period you decide. Optimize your sales management abilities through a clear and intuitive dashboard.


  • Free Trial
  • Pro = $9.99/month
  • Premium (Per User) = $20/month
  • Premium (Per Capacity) = $4995/month


Best for larger, data-focused teams who have an operations team that can help manage the platform and provide assistance

Source: Tableau

Our final sales mapping and data visualization software we’ll touch on is Tableau. Tableau is a robust data analytics and sales visualization platform that can be run on your desktop, cloud, or customer servers. It is powered by business intelligence software that will help you and your sales team visualize and understand your Zoho CRM sales data. Using this data you can capitalize on opportunities and grow your profitability.

By utilizing Tableau’s intuitive drag and drop features, you don’t need to know how to do any programming to create interactive graphs, charts, dashboards, and worksheets to gain business insights. Tableau’s platform is 10 to 100x faster than many existing data visualization solutions.

For richer insight, you can combine multiple data views with the best data visualization practices built right into the Tableau platform. All of the data is updated in real-time and you can get automatic updates on a schedule you predefine. You can also publish a visually appealing dashboard with just a few clicks to share it live on mobile devices and the web.

Integrating your Zoho CRM data with Tableau is not as direct as other sales mapping options. It is best achieved by loading the Zoho CRM data to a database or cloud data warehouse using a tool like Skyvia. Then, Tableau would need to be connected to this database to analyze and visualize the data. By using Skyvia, you can easily load Zoho CRM data (including accounts, opportunities, leads, contacts, etc. ) to a cloud data warehouse or database of your choice.


  • Free Trial
  • Every deployment requires one at least one Creator at $70/month and then Explorer plan and/or Viewer plan add-ons
  • Explorer = $35/month
  • Viewer = $12/month
  • Other add-ons available as well at varied pricing

Visualize Your Field Data & Increase Profitability

As you can see, by deploying a Zoho mapping software in conjunction with your Zoho Sales CRM you can capitalize on opportunities that may have otherwise gotten lost in the numbers of regular line-item sales data. Give your sales team a leg up by putting the data into visually appealing reports and maps that are much easier to comprehend and implement.

As human beings, we comprehend visual data much more effectively. As a sales manager, setting yourself and your sales rep up for increased profitability, efficiency, and accountability is a no-brainer. Boost the power of your Zoho CRM with one of these data visualization and sales mapping software options above and take your company’s success to the next level.

Lead your team down the path of data-driven decisions moving forward. We’re here to help with your sales mapping needs. Start your Zoho and Map My Customers integration today with a 14-day free trial and get ahead of your competition.