Top 6 Microsoft Dynamics Integrations for Sales Teams

Mar 22, 2022

best microsoft dynamics integrations for sales teams

A sales and marketing solution that integrates your customer relationship management software (CRM) with marketing automation tools offers several advantages for your business.

You can use an integrated solution to build new revenue and profit potential, increase revenue from existing customers, discover prospects, deliver relevant messages at the most opportune times, and analyze your return on investment (ROI).

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the most flexible and powerful CRM tools available on the market, providing an excellent foundation for small businesses to grow online with increased sales, smoother operations, and better overall workflow. Perhaps best of all, other applications offer integration with Dynamics to further enhance your experience.

These six sales and marketing automation tools can be huge assets to small and medium enterprises, especially those using Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. The right tool will not only automate time-consuming tasks but can help increase sales conversions by optimizing your entire marketing process.

1. Map My Customers

Map My Customers Microsoft Dynamics integrations
Map My Customers is a route planning and field sales tool has a native integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Marketing and sales professionals use Map My Customers to better understand their customers, grow sales and create efficient sales map routes. Use it to see the areas with the most business opportunity on a map, then create groups based on top customers, product lines, territories, and more.

The Map My Customers Lead Finder option helps you max out your territory and fill gap time by easily finding and adding new leads.

Map My Customers offers options for a one-way sync (from Microsoft Dynamics to Map My Customers) or a two-way sync, which can bring data back over to Microsoft Dynamics. You can use the connection to get incredible insights into your geo-targeted data with powerful reporting tools.

Because of its intuitive interface, Map My Customers has a high adoption rate with teams. By leveraging its mapping tools and a native Microsoft Dynamics integration, you can enjoy access to robust, location-based analytics.

2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

If you’re using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales, the LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an essential tool for targeting the right audience and understanding important insights. The Sales Navigator search experience features a more refined self-service approach, making it easier for you to find the right people, companies, and industry targets.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Microsoft Dynamics integrations
Microsoft Dynamics and LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration enables seamless interaction with prospects, leads, and contacts for a fully integrated experience.

Running on a new machine learning algorithm from LinkedIn, this version of Sales Navigator delivers the most relevant prospects with a more refined self-service experience.

Microsoft Dynamics and LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration enables seamless interaction with prospects, leads, and contacts for a fully integrated experience.

The combination of LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help salespeople learn more about the buying habits of their customers and nurture them through the sales process to create new opportunities.

3. PandaDoc

PandaDoc brings the power of eSignature to sales teams. PandaDoc standardizes the process of negotiating, documenting, and executing deals by enabling companies to easily capture, track and manage negotiations from inception to close.

PandaDoc microsoft dynamics 365 integration
PandaDoc is another sales tool that simplifies contract management and integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Photo source: PandaDoc

As it’s offered as a cloud-based, mobile-ready platform, you can experience seamless PandaDoc integration with Microsoft Dynamics and other CRM software.

PandaDoc is available through a Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription or as a self-hosted solution that allows you to install it on your own servers. In both scenarios, you get the same value: the ability to create and sign documents digitally — anywhere and anytime.

4. Outreach

Outreach helps sales teams identify, locate, qualify, secure, and strengthen relationships with business prospects. The Outreach platform aids users with creating personalized outreach plans that are built on company, industry, and territory intelligence.

Outreach microsoft dynamics 365
Outreach enables more deals and quicker and integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Photo source: Outreach

Sales teams can reach out to anyone in their territory and track every interaction from lead to close. They can also conduct effective one-to-one meetings — with customers, partners, and internal stakeholders — that help them uncover deal risks proactively, so they can fix issues before they become problems.

The result: closing better deals more quickly.

5. Calendly

Imagine if you had a calendar connected to your email, which you could share with your clients. You could see when your contacts are available in the future and then schedule meetings and events with them without the back and forth of finding a time that works for both of your schedules.

Calendly microsoft dynamics 365
Calendly allows easy scheduling of meetings and integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Photo source: Calendly

This easy scheduling is Calendly’s mission. Calendly integration with Microsoft Dynamics makes this process even easier, bringing all of its features right to your CRM.

6. Zoominfo

ZoomInfo can help you make smarter marketing decisions. The company’s B2B database is the largest online repository of company and executive contact data in the world, including demographics and social media profiles.

ZoomInfo microsoft dynamics integration
The ZoomInfo lead generation database integrates with Microsoft Dynamics via API

Their databases are regularly updated to ensure your contacts are current and accurate, available via API or their proprietary Engagement Platform (EP). Clients leverage both services to power their sales and marketing outreach efforts, allowing them to make more effective connections with their target audiences.

Zoominfo integration lets you use this data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, helping you improve your marketing strategy.

Grow Your Brand with Powerful CRM Tools

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an excellent alternative for small and medium-sized businesses looking to grow online with CRM tools that are easy to use.

The best part is that many services offer Microsoft Dynamics integration, helping your business do more from one platform. The right software integration with Dynamics will depend on your business, but using the right tools can mean new leads, bigger sales, and long-standing relationships.