The 6 Best Sales Funnel Software Tools to Categorize Your Prospects and Customers

Apr 28, 2022

sales funnel software

Digital marketing is becoming more important every day, so the need for the right sales funnel software to manage analytics and customer information is more important than ever.

A sales funnel is a tool to help sales teams and leaders visualize the customer’s buying journey through the sales cycle. Different stages in the sales funnel represent steps toward purchase and loyalty. This information is used to forecast sales, measure awareness and quantify intent.

With many market options, the time investment necessary to choose the right software solution for your sales funnel can feel intimidating. We’ve assembled a list of a few of the best sales funnel software solutions and their specialties, so you can see which one’s right for you.

Features of Good Sales Funnel Software

Any software solution should provide the following benefits:

Many sales funnel software tools are customer relationship management (CRM) solutions that tracks the customer’s journey with your enterprise from first contact to repeated sales. Other tools include business intelligence and analytics apps that use information from CRM’s to provide a visualization of the sales funnel stages.

Benefits of Sales Funnel Software

The pace of modern business means you can’t afford to fly blind. Data generated by solid sales funnel software informs your sales reps, marketing team and other stakeholders at every step of the sales funnel to find which approaches work and which ones don’t.

Sales funnel software provides employee-level growth and large-scale analytics to management to grow at both ends simultaneously.

Automation and organization allow your team to handle more customers without an equivalent growth in hiring, which improves efficiency and profits without damage to the bottom line.

The Best Options

It’s important to find the right solution for your business, save on costs, and avoid feature bloat. Here are a few of our favorite options (in no particular order):

1. Woopra

Woopra sales funnel software
Woopra tracks user activity through the customer journey and provides rich analysis and metrics. Photo credit: Woopra.

Woopra boasts powerful analytics and business intelligence (BI) capabilities to ensure their clients can track user activity across their site and throughout their customer journey.

With the ability to collate information about a single individual from marketing, sales, and customer support data streams, Woopra provides both a personal touch and the big picture overview. It provides automated analysis of customer journeys, trends, retention, segmentation, and much more.

2. Hubspot

Hubspot sales funnel software
Hubspot tracks customers at different stages of the purchasing cycle and has many automation tools. Photo credit: Hubspot.

Ideal for small and midsize businesses new to CRM and sales pipeline software, Hubspot’s simple interface makes it easy to learn and grow.

It allows its clients to manage both the sales pipeline and their CRM information, making it easy for a small staff to keep track of a growing number of clients. In addition, its incredible variety of integrations makes it easy to create a modular system that better suits your business needs.

A free trial version makes it easy to get your feet wet and see if your business benefits from these tools.

3. Salesforce

One of the most popular options available in the CRM world, Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM with a suite of tools available to help you organize your sales processes and allow you to sell more efficiently. Salesforce doesn’t provide an out-of-the box solution for sales funnels but the data to export is easily found within their many customizable reports. Use these sales funnel templates to visualize the data from the reports.

4. Plerdy

Plerdy sales funnel software
Plerdy is a business intelligence tool that compiles data along the customer buying journey. Photo credit: Plerdy.

Plerdy isn’t an all-in-one option and doesn’t pretend to be. It exports customer data from your CRM software of choice but focuses its resources to become the best site monitoring and BI software it can.

With the power to record website clicks in real-time, automate SEO analysis to drive maximum tracking, and page activity monitoring to catch redundancies and weaknesses in website sales funnels, Plerdy is the master of online sales analytics.

Plerdy offers a variety of free functions to allow you to try it out and see this powerful tool for yourself.

5. Bitrix 24

Bitrix sales funnel software
Bitrix combines data from multiple systems to monitor the entire customer journey. Photo credit: Bitrix.

A low-cost CRM option oriented toward small businesses, Bitrix combines multiple channels of customer contact information into a single platform.

Whether a particular customer prefers video calls, web chat, email, SMS messages, or social media, Bitrix empowers employees to contact customers with ease. It even integrates with automated marketing software and an employee helpdesk, making it easy to connect to customers with a few clicks, whatever they need.

With automatic timeline recording, Bitrix also makes it easy to track a customer’s entire journey, regardless of their current reason for reaching out.

6. Microsoft Dynamics 365

On the other end of the spectrum, Microsoft Dynamics offers a premium product for premium enterprises. With cutting-edge AI analysis tools that automatically suggest the next step in the sales process to maximize conversions, Microsoft continues to earn its place at the top of the commercial software market.

Able to predict changes in revenue so you can prepare budgets accordingly and featuring real-time coaching to improve customer interaction mid-contact, Dynamics also includes a full suite of CRM tools available on the cloud or on-premises.

Make the Most of Your Business with Sales Funnel Software Tools

Understanding your prospects’ buying behaviors and the stages they need to go through to become a customer are an essential part of modeling and managing the sales funnel and sales pipeline process. The data captured using sales funnel software can enlighten your behavior as a sales leader to understand roadblocks in the sales cycle, how to get around these roadblocks and opportunities to grow revenue. Give these tools a shot and see which fuel your team.

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