Prospect On the Go with Lead Finder in Map My Customers

Jun 14, 2022

Prospect on the Go with Lead Finder in Map My Customers

As an outside sales rep, you understand that your daily schedule is never absolutely set in stone. Appointments get canceled or changed regularly, that’s just part of the game. Your schedule can change quickly while you’re out in the field.

Sometimes, this can make it difficult to fill in gaps in your day due to an appointment canceling or rescheduling. But, the most successful sales reps know how important it is to be able to fill in those times with new opportunities.

While you are out in the field, there’s also the possibility that you are “driving past revenue”. This happens when you are just hopping from one customer to the next without doing any sales prospecting in between. Unless you have an easy way to do it on the go, you may feel like you don’t have the time or capability to prospect effectively unless you are sitting in front of your computer.

The new Lead Finder feature within Map My Customers helps solve both of the above problems. With this tool, you can optimize your sales lead generation while you are out in the field, enabling you to fill in gaps in your day, pinpoint new opportunities, and help significantly increase your revenue opportunities.

Map My Customers: The All-in-One Field Sales App

Map My Customers outside sales tool
Map My Customers reporting tools allow you to see your rep’s activities and performance.

Map My Customers is a mobile-first, all-in-one B2B sales solution that was purpose-built for outside sales teams. The platform optimizes productivity and sales effectiveness for the entire team. Map My Customers is much more than a simple sales mapping software. Not only does the platform offer optimized route planning, but also an array of valuable workflow tools, in-depth reporting functions, and comprehensive team management capabilities (great for sales leaders and sales reps!).

Map My Customers features include geographical visualization and filtering of customers and prospects on a map, optimized multi-stop route planning, a Smart Planner, automated check-in capability, a Weekly Scorecard, quick logging of sales activities like visits and calls, and the capability to take notes and add new records wherever you are — even if you are offline.

The sales prospecting and lead generation capabilities that were originally built into Map My Customers were already very good. But they have now been supercharged with the introduction of the Lead Finder feature.

How Lead Finder Works

Lead Finder is built around the idea of making prospecting on the go as easy and effective as possible. It takes powerful online lead generation and puts it in the palm of your hand out in the field. With this lead generation software function, built into the Map My Customers platform, you can fully take advantage of your territory and fill in any gaps during your day.

In Lead Finder, you can search the map for new leads that may be near your current location, near current customers you are visiting that day, or even along your route.

Map My Customers Lead Finder prospecting and lead generation
Use Lead Finder to search for new leads near you or along your route.

After searching, the possible leads will show up on the map as individual pins. You can tap a pin to see important details about the business, including contact info and hours. You can select the lead to be imported into your account with just one tap.

Lead Finder Map My Customers lead generation
With Lead Finder, adding accounts is as easy as clicking the pin and adding them to your companies.

To save even more time, you can use the lasso tool to select several leads at once instead of having to tap them one at a time.

You can import your new leads as either companies or contacts. Then, by labeling your new leads with a color, assigning them to a group, or adding them to one of your sales routes you can stay organized and keep your processes streamlined.

New accounts can also be seamlessly synced back to your team’s sales CRM. By integrating Map My Customers with your other systems, you can ensure all of the information for the new leads is also in your system of records, streamlining your sales lead management.

Lead Finder Map My Customers lead generation prospecting CRM
Seamlessly sync new accounts to your CRM with Lead Finder by Map My Customers.

Lead Finder’s pricing is based on the number of searches your team conducts per month.

Benefits of Using a Mobile Prospecting / Lead Generation Tool

To be as successful as possible, one of your goals as an outside sales representative should be to streamline processes, making them as efficient as possible. This includes your sales prospecting efforts and lead generation strategy. You should be working smarter and not harder. Using a mobile-friendly prospecting tool like Lead Finder will help you do just that.

The benefits of Lead Finder include:

  • Reducing the amount of time it takes to prospect for new leads in your area.
  • Enables you to utilize your time out in the field more efficiently.
  • Prevents you from driving past potential new revenue opportunities that you may already be near.
  • Allows you to easily fill in gaps in your schedule.
  • Maximizes the effectiveness of your prospecting efforts.
  • Helps you easily scale your sales routes with new leads.

Supercharge Your Prospecting Efforts While Out in the Field with Lead Finder

The Lead Finder within Map My Customers, purpose-built for outside sales teams, gives reps optimized prospecting capabilities even on the go, empowering you and your team like never before.

Finding new sales opportunities is much easier when you have a tool like Lead Finder at your fingertips. Start making the most of your local lead generation and prospecting efforts today and find the leads that may be right under your nose!

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