Everything You Need to Know About Maptive (Pros & Cons)

Sep 15, 2022

Maptive route planning

For today’s outside sales teams to truly be successful, comprehensive territory management and location intelligence software is absolutely essential. Using these tools will enable your reps to effectively work territories, pinpoint and capitalize on new sales opportunities, and optimize sales growth.

The good news is, there is no shortage of available options in this type of outside sales software. But, with so many different tools available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when trying to select one for your team.

One of the popular options in sales mapping software is Maptive. This platform helps sales leaders and reps optimize territory management, sales route planning, and opportunity mapping efforts.

In this article, we’ve broken down everything you need to know about Maptive, as well as several options to consider for a Maptive alternative to help you narrow down the array of tools and pinpoint the one that meets your team’s needs.

What is Maptive Exactly?

Maptive route planner
Maptive is a territory management and route planning tool for outside sales reps. Photo source: Maptive

Maptive is a robust, cloud and web-based mapping software that provides a functional solution for outside sales teams, especially ones that are looking to improve their territory management and routing efforts.

This territory mapping platform, built on a Google Maps foundation, enables sales leaders to effectively separate and assign sales territories to the respective reps. Then, the reps can see the prospects they’ll be responsible for within their area, providing for easy visualization of new sales opportunities. Reps can also utilize route optimization capabilities to quickly and easily create the most efficient sales routes and use built-in directional tools that can provide turn-by-turn directions. These capabilities from Maptive help reps save time and enable them to spend more time selling and visiting customers.

Maptive route planner
Maptive maps and routes can be easily shared with colleagues. Photo source: Maptive

Using information like the total and/or average sales within a specific area, the platform also allows users to group geographical areas by their worth. The software will also pull in its own demographic and geographical data to help sales leaders and reps visualize where the higher probabilities of a sale are located. Then, reps can proactively focus more on particular areas and optimize sales effectiveness.

Pricing for Maptive

For any smart business, the potential ROI of adding a new software tool should be weighed against its cost. This is especially true for smaller sales teams or teams from new startup companies.

Maptive is one software option that offers several levels of plans to fit the needs of different sized companies and budgets. The four plans offered are:

45-Day Pass (for Short-Term Projects) =

$250 for 45 days for 1 user license.

Pro =

$1,250/year billed annually ($110/month when billed monthly) for 1 user license.

Additional licenses are available for $750 each.

Team =

$2,500/year billed annually ($220/month when billed monthly) for 5 user licenses.

Additional licenses are available for $500 each.

Enterprise =

For 10 or more user licenses, contact Maptive for custom volume-based pricing.

For an opportunity to test out the platform, there is a Maptive free trial available (for 10-days).

Their pricing page includes a comparison breakdown of the features on offer for each of the different plans.

Pros and Cons of Maptive

Sales software is rarely a “one-size-fits-all” thing. Not every outside sales software option is going to fit the needs of every sales team. Maptive may check all of the necessary boxes for one company but not fully meet the needs of another.

So, when it comes to selecting a new tool for your sales team, you should be focused on zeroing in on the option that meets your reps’ needs the closest. One of the best ways to do this is to weigh the pros and cons of each of the software options that you are considering.

In doing this, you’ll be able to see how closely each option aligns with what your team needs to resolve its current pain points and unlock new sales opportunities.

To help you do this, we’ve broken down some of the pros and cons of Maptive:


  • Maptive offers a very user-friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Multiple variable grouping capabilities, based on multiple different data variables, enable you to customize your team’s territory maps.
  • The platform also offers customized heat maps based on numerical data density like sales volume or marker density and demographic data like population density, etc.
  • For any instances where users need help in using the platform, Maptive offers in-depth online training and tutorials (and a dedicated support manager on the Team and Enterprise plans).


  • Compared to other options for a field sales tool, Maptive can be expensive for smaller organizations/sales teams.
  • A layered map within this platform will actually consist of multiple maps and cannot be customized as much as an individual map.
  • The platform does not offer as many reporting or team management capabilities as other software options do.

Maptive’s CRM Integrations

Since its release, direct CRM integration has not been available from Maptive, but that looks to be changing very soon. API access is currently available but starting in December 2022, Maptive will support direct sales CRM integrations with:

  • Salesforce
  • HubSpot
  • Zoho
  • Keap
  • Pipedrive
  • and more.

Once the CRM integrations are available if you do not see your team’s current CRM listed, contact Maptive to inquire about having the integration set up.

Alternatives to Maptive

Pinpointing the tool that fits your team’s needs the closest will enable them to be more productive and close more deals, which means your company will be able to offset the cost of the new software through a good ROI.

As we mentioned above, a big part of confidently selecting a new outside sales software is comparing several options against each other. To help you do that, here is a breakdown of some of the popular options for an alternative to Maptive:

Map My Customers

Best for outside sales teams that want an entirely mobile-friendly, all-in-one field sales solution.

Map My Customers Maptive alternatives route planner
Map My Customers is a great alternative to Badger Maps. Map My Customers performs route optimization, workflow tools, in depth reporting and management functions.

If you are looking for a mobile-first, all-in-one B2B sales solution that was purpose-built to meet the unique needs of today’s outside sales teams, Map My Customers is your answer. This software empowers your reps with everything they need to optimize productivity and sales effectiveness, especially while out in the field. With Map My Customers, your reps can streamline their day, supercharge their sales effectiveness, and help grow your business.

Much more than just a sales mapping software, the platform also provides powerful route optimization, valuable workflow and planning tools, in-depth reporting, and robust team management functions (making it perfect for reps and sales leaders!).

Map My Customers offers valuable features that include geographical visualization of customers, prospects, and territories on a map with extensive filtering options, optimized sales route planning, automated check-ins, logging daily activities like calls and visits in just a click, and the ability to add new records and customer notes even when out in the field and offline.

The platform’s Lead Finder feature helps bring your team’s prospecting efforts to a whole new level. Reps can quickly and easily search the map for new leads that may be along their sales route, near current customers they plan on visiting that day, and even near their current location. Shown as pins on the map, in just a tap these new leads can provide valuable business info. Then new leads can be selected and easily imported and synced back to your CRM.

Map My Customers Lead Finder lead generation Maptive alternative
Use Lead Finder to search for new leads near you or along your route.

The intuitive Smart Planner tool built into the platform provides reps with targeted sales activity recommendations to add to their calendars. The recommended activities will include things like accounts that are near their current location or customers that are due for follow-ups. This prevents gaps in your reps’ workday and eliminates the occurrence of them driving past new potential revenue. Then, reps can turn these daily agendas into an optimized sales route with just the tap of a button.

Map My Customers also helps you optimize sales team management efforts. The comprehensive dashboard, updated in real-time, provides managers with an in-depth overview of the entire team and eliminates the need to interrupt their reps’ day. You can easily view your team’s sales territories, key sales stats, and daily sales activities through both the web application and mobile app.

The platform also provides robust reporting functions, including real-time sales pipeline metrics that show the latest deal statuses as well as a geographically-based revenue heat map. Plus, with the customizable Weekly Scorecard that is sent straight to sales leaders’ email, you can keep your finger on the pulse of team performance. The Scorecard provides quick updates on the latest sales metrics and helps managers see exactly which reps may need more training/coaching.

Map My Customers offers native, out-of-the-box integrations with Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, and Microsoft Dynamics 365.


  • Personal = $60/month – billed monthly (or $50 per month when billed annually).
  • Team = $105/month per user – billed annually.

Experience a hands-on product demo of Map My Customers


Best for B2C sales teams who are selling door-to-door and looking for a mapping and territory management tool.

Spotio route planner Maptive alternative
Spotio can help outside sales reps increase effectiveness and help managers optimize team management and tracking efforts. Photo source: Spotio

For door-to-door sales teams that are selling to residential customers, the field sales engagement platform from Spotio is a good option to meet territory management and sales mapping needs. Spotio can help field sales reps increase sales effectiveness and help managers improve their team tracking and management efforts. This platform combines all sales data and activity into one centralized location as well as provides sales route planning, pipeline visualization capabilities, and more.

Reps also can log visits in real-time with GPS location tracking, drop pins to update sales numbers automatically, and quickly see which areas have been producing the most sales. Your team can also store their sales pitch content within Spotio, enabling them to reduce the amount of time spent on prep work.


You do have to request a free demo to get Spotio’s full pricing info. Four levels of plans are available: Team, Business, Pro, and Enterprise.


Best for sales teams that need a more economical mapping option but are okay with more limited features.

Geopointe route planner Maptive alternative
With Geopointe, teams can utilize location intelligence gleaned from their sales data, gain valuable insights, streamline processes, and optimize sales effectiveness. Photo source: Geopointe

Geopointe is another popular sales data and territory mapping software option. This platform enables teams to geographically visualize sales efforts, gain insights, and improve their sales effectiveness.

The mobile-friendly software from Geopointe location enables CRM data and allows reps to see the customers and prospects within their respective territories on a map. Reps can also utilize the available route optimization capabilities to help reduce the time spent on sales route planning. Routes can be planned for that day or pre-planned weeks or even months in advance (available as an additional add-on feature to the regular Geopointe plan).

Geopointe also gives sales managers a bird’s-eye-view of their reps’ sales data through visualization and filtering options. This makes it much easier to uncover important sales trends and zero in on untapped opportunities. Thus, driving proactive, data-backed management decisions. But, compared to some of the other outside sales software options, Geopointe does not provide as much advanced data filtering functionality.


  • Annual Plan = $60/month per user – billed annually.
  • Enterprise = Contact Geopointe for pricing based on user count. (This plan does include optional add-on features).

Additional features, like the route planner and performance scorecard, are also available to add to the Annual plan, at an additional cost.

Geopointe does offer a free demo.

Salesforce Maps

Best for sales teams who are using Salesforce CRM and looking for a built-in mapping tool.

Salesforce CRM is used by many sales teams to maintain all of the customer data and important sales data they need and use daily. For outside sales teams who use Salesforce, Salesforce Maps provides a built-in territory management and mapping solution that can be made available in their CRM platform.

Using Salesforce Maps, you can quickly and easily define and assign separate sales territories for each of your reps. You can also visualize important sales data on a map-based interface and make location-driven management decisions that drive productivity. Thus, ensuring that your reps’ time is being spent where the best sales opportunities lie.

This software is a great solution for businesses/sales teams that have a large number of prospects within their area and/or operate across state lines. In Salesforce Maps, the territories can be divided up by a variety of CRM data points, including geography, existing or new customers, product requirements, sales type, or customer revenue. Reps can also create optimized sales routes within their assigned territories, which will help reduce windshield time and fuel costs while also ensuring timely arrival to meetings with high-value prospects and clients.

Salesforce Maps also enables reps to optimize their scheduling efforts. They can plan out a full 7-day schedule with visits that are prioritized based on Pardot® Score, Einstein® Score, or potential revenue. This ensures that your reps can spend sufficient time with the most valuable customers and prospects. The optimized schedule can easily be viewed via exchange-based calendars on both desktop and mobile devices.


You do first need to have the Salesforce CRM, Salesforce Sales Cloud, to be able to use Salesforce Maps. It is also important to note that Salesforce Maps is only available as an add-on for the Professional Sales Cloud version and above, it is not available for the Essentials version of Sales Cloud.

Salesforce Maps itself offers two levels of features/pricing for sales teams:

  • Basic = $75/month per user – billed annually.
  • Advanced = $125/month per user – billed annually.

Supercharge Your Sales Territory Management and Routing with Powerful Mapping Software

To keep up with the competition and optimize success, outside sales teams have to be using more than just a map with territory boundary lines drawn on it. Sales managers should be leading the charge through optimized territory mapping and data-driven management. And your reps should be armed with in-depth sales mapping, valuable customer information, optimized sales routes, and prospecting capabilities even when out in the field.

As you can see above, there is a range of different outside sales software options available to meet the needs of different types of sales teams. To confidently determine which software may best meet the needs of your team, be sure to consider your team’s specific needs, the number of reps you have, and your budget and compare a couple of different software options against those things.

Give your outside sales team the tools they need to supercharge their success with a new sales mapping software today!

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