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Effective People Leading and Motivating Sales Teams with Bryant Davis at SC Johnson – Episode -005

October 5, 2022

Accomplished and seasoned sales leadership guru Bryant Davis joins us to discuss his experience with some of the most iconic companies including PepsiCo, Bridgestone Tires, and now with SC Johnson. Find out what it takes to get into high-level leadership positions and which skills to develop in order to be successful. Learn about the power of coaching your team to bring everyone together and working towards common goals.


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“As you start thinking about a frontline sales team, they’ve got a million things coming at them. Your role should be simplifying the agenda for them. Here’s what I need you to be focused on. Don’t get too high on the wins, don’t get too low on the losses. There’s gonna be plenty of both, hopefully more wins than losses. Then continue to motivate and keep your team hungry,” explains Bryant Davis, SC Johnson.

00:00 – Introduction

02:03 – Climbing the corporate ladder

05:39 – Traits of effective leaders

09:00 – Top performers as leaders

16:09 – Skill toolbox for sales leaders

20:46 – Sales coaching and effective one-on-ones

23:53 – The pros and cons of executive-level leadership

26:46 – The growing importance of technology in sales

34:39 – Our sponsor Map My Customers

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