Field Sales Leadership Guide Podcast #28

Podcast: What’s Holding Back Your Field Sales Growth?

June 26, 2024

What’s stopping your $7 million territory from becoming a $21 million territory? If you don’t have a solid grasp on your field sales data, answering that question is impossible.

Our latest episode of the Field Sales Leadership Guide podcast features Ben Hartmere, who shares strategies for navigating challenges and driving success with field teams.

From leveraging data to adopting mobile-first solutions, Ben dives deep into what truly holds back growth and how to overcome these hurdles.

Key Challenges in Field Sales

Field teams face unique challenges that differentiate them from inside sales teams. These include managing relationships built over decades and handling vast amounts of administrative work while on the road. Traditional CRMs like Salesforce often fall short in addressing these needs, which leads to low adoption rates and inefficient systems.

The Importance of Data and Predictability

Accurate data is critical for modern sales strategies. Leading sales organizations prioritize having a robust system of record to provide sales reps with accurate data in real-time. This powers better predictability, forecasting, and decision-making across their companies. Companies that leverage data effectively can identify top-performing reps, understand what drives their success, and replicate these practices across the team.

Technology Adoption in Field Sales

Despite the clear benefits of technology, many field sales teams are slow to adopt new tools.  Many sales leaders have tried, and failed, to rollout a CRM and know the significant challenges of implementing systems that aren’t designed for outside sales teams. Field reps need tools that fit into their busy lives, and a mobile-first solution that’s easy to use makes a big difference.

By reducing the hassle of admin work, solutions like Map My Customers free up reps to do what they do best: build relationships and close deals.

Effective Sales Leadership

The best sales leaders understand the drivers of revenue and can guide their teams strategically. When it comes to a technology rollout this involves getting buy-in from top reps, fostering a culture of excellence, and being proactively identifying and addressing issues.

Command your Territories with Data-Backed Insights

CRM data isn’t just for tracking performance.  It’s your best tool to uncover new opportunities. Companies that use data to analyze their territory performance, customer interactions, and sales activities improve their sales strategies and maximize their breadth, depth, and reach in their territories. For example, identifying under-served accounts and assigning new reps to them could grow a stagnant territory into a high-performing one.

Final Thoughts

Field sales teams face hurdles that can slow growth, but accurate CRM data that’s easy to access can solve many of these problems. Accurate data in real-time empowers your reps to make informed decisions, improve predictability, and streamline their routines. Implementing user-friendly, mobile-first solutions reduces administrative work, allowing reps to focus more on what they do best—building relationships and closing deals.

By adopting these strategies, sales leaders can unlock the full potential of their territories, driving substantial growth.

About our Guest

Ben Hartmere

President & CEO, Map My Customers

Ben is passionate about delivering world-class products backed by incredibly talented teams. He drives the overall strategy, vision, and execution of Map My Customers, bringing more than 20 years of experience in all areas of revenue and profit generation for technology organizations, with significant experience leading SaaS-based companies.

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