See how other companies leverage Map My Customers

Companies from medical device to manufacturing to interior design use Map My Customers to give their reps better tools in the field and get better outside sales activity data.

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Joe Anderson needed a system to transform the sales team from Lone Wolf to cohesive unit – and the technology to track success.

I finally just said, ‘I give up. I’m frustrated. I need a CRM.’ …And that’s why Map My Customers is so important to me.”

– Joe Anderson, Director of Field Sales

sales mapping - update records

When Jasper Engines and Transmissions was ready for a change, they knew it started with their reps in the field.

“One of the reasons we’re going with Map My Customers is our internal program – we’ve outgrown it. We have to bring in another program that will give those tools to our reps today.”

– Joe McDonald, VP of Sales

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With over 700 accounts per rep, McCarthy & Sons needed a CRM that would add as much value as possible to outside reps.

“Being able to see their day visually before they go out, I mean, 700 clinics, you talk about building a relationship. I don’t care how great your memory is, you’re not going to remember everyone. So, we make the best of technology. We use our CRM.”

– Kevin Dunbrack, COO

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Thibaut Designs knew finding the perfect CRM wouldn’t be easy… but it would be worth it.

“I knew right away that Map My Customers was going to be the easiest to adopt. I was adamant that we needed 100% adoption from day one. There was no other way for success.”

– Andrea Eckberg, VP of North American Sales

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Biodesix needed a two-way connection between outside reps and company leadership.

“We have this treasure trove of data but we hadn’t found a way to translate that into something the sales team could use while they’re on the go.”

– Robbie Lunt, Director of Marketing