Account Segmentation Made Easy with Map My Customers

Jan 13, 2023

Account segmentation made easy with Map My Customers

Strategically separating and filtering sales accounts and data can turn line item information into an actionable sales plan. Taking that even a step further, geographically-based account segmentation is a valuable tool that every field sales team needs to be utilizing in today’s business environment.

As Map My Customers’ Senior Enterprise Account Executive JT Rimbey explains, when a rep is just working off an Excel document with a list of information “it’s so difficult to go and actually attack the territory and know who to see and when to see them when you’re out on the road.” 

But, when account segmentation is used to visualize customers and prospects on a map, it will naturally laser-focus your team’s sales efforts in very strategic ways. Rimbey further explains that when account segmentation is utilized “you’re being very deliberate with where you go.” 

Being able to easily segment accounts will result in some very valuable benefits. Including:  

  • Much more easily categorizing your book of business by revenue, type, sales cadence timing, current point in the sales process, etc.
  • Planning more effective and efficient sales routes.
  • Easily identifying geographical sales trends.
  • Planning more effective sales cadences.
  • Increase the effectiveness of follow-ups (while also managing them better).


The good thing is, there are powerful sales tools that you can utilize to automate the visualized segmentation of your team’s customers, prospects, and other sales data–even on the go! Thus, making it quick and easy to capitalize on the valuable information displayed.


Taking Advantage of Mobile-Friendly Account Segmentation Tools

Map My Customers account segmentation

Map My Customers is one such tool that is leading the charge in account segmentation capabilities built specifically for outside sales teams. 

With the mobile-friendly Map My Customers platform, reps can easily create maps to visualize and segment accounts, deals, leads, and sales activities. In these customized maps, through the use of customized grouping and a wide variety of available filters, the segmented items will display as colored pins and/or icons. Thus, enabling your team to quickly zero in on what’s most important.

For example, let’s say your company is soon releasing a new, higher-end product that would present a good upsell opportunity for several of your current customers. In Map My Customers, a rep could easily pull up their territory map and layer in a filter to segment out and display just the customers who currently have the product that could be upsold on as yellow pins on the map. Then, an optimized sales route can be created to include these pins in just a few clicks.

With Map My Customers, filters can be used to segment customers and prospects by things like sales volume, product line, priority, and more. And multiple filters can be layered onto each other, as well as territories and heat maps. Plus, with the Smart Planner feature, important sales activities will be automatically recommended and can be added to a rep’s calendar in a click, helping to fill gaps in their day, prevent accounts from falling through the cracks, and capitalize on revenue opportunities that they otherwise may be driving past. This platform enables your team to target the best opportunities at the best times.

How Biodesix Uses Account Segmentation to Laser-Focus Sales Efforts

Map My Customers account segmentation

Robbie Lunt, Senior Director of Marketing at Biodesix, knows how important account segmentation is to his company’s sales process, his reps’ planning, and the effectiveness of those efforts. And his team is utilizing Map My Customers to check all of the boxes for their account segmentation needs.

As Lunt explained, “one of the main reasons that we partnered with Map My Customers is that we have this treasure trove of data in Salesforce, but we hadn’t found a way that we could really translate that into something that the sales team could use while they’re on the go.” Plus, some of the sales team from Biodesix have fairly big geographies and are routinely visiting different cities. 

So, they needed a tool that enabled them to put all of their Salesforce data in a way that they can easily pull it up and get the insights they need to be efficient. With Map My Customers, they’ve been able to do just that.

For the Biodesix sales team, for certain pieces of information that come out of Salesforce, they’ve determined a specific pin color that it shows up as in Map My Customers. This enables the reps to be very deliberate about their approach. 

Some of their pin colors represent a target customer that falls into a particular segment. So then, if the rep is out prospecting one day, they’ll know which customers they can approach with what different parts of Biodesix’s portfolio and plan accordingly. 

Alternatively, a different set of pin colors represents current customers. So then the reps can easily see that on the map and know if they’re going out to check in on existing customers. This enables the reps to set up effective cadences and really figure out how the product implementation is going for the customers and if they’re seeing the true value of the products.

Segment Your Accounts and Sales Data to Help Maximize Effectiveness

Map My Customers account segmentation Lead Finder

As you can see, with account segmentation, sales teams can optimize effectiveness and better serve customers. Using a tool to automate the segmentation, like Biodesix did with Map My Customers and its filtering and grouping capabilities, can help you strategically laser-focus your team’s sales efforts.

For more on this topic, as well as exactly how much account segmentation has helped  Biodesix’s sales process, tune into the conversation with Senior Director of Marketing at Biodesix Robbie Lunt on the Field Sales Leadership Guide podcast from Map My Customers. In this episode, you’ll get more insight into how segmenting accounts, other sales data, and your market can help drive a more effective strategy for your sales team.