The Map My Customers Mobile Experience is a Co-Pilot for Field Sales Reps

Jan 24, 2023

The Map My Customers Mobile Experience is a Co-Pilot for Field Sales Reps

For field sales reps, the time they spend in the field is money. The more laser-focused and prepared they are in the field, the more closed deals for your company. So, they can’t be bogged down with a clunky sales enablement tool that loses its functionality as soon as they step out of the office.

A mobile sales tool that is truly mobile-friendly can be the difference-maker for your team–taking them from being a decent sales team to an exceptional team that is seeing consistent success and growth.

On-the-Go Reps Need a Truly Mobile Sales Tool to Optimize Success

Reaping the benefits of sales enablement should not keep your reps chained to their desktops. A truly mobile sales tool will work seamlessly no matter if a rep is sitting at their desktop or pulling the app up on their phone in between customer visits. Thus, not only keeping teams connected to important customer and sales data but also each other while on the move.

If this isn’t happening, it can end up being a waste of money spent on the tool and even cause more harm than good for your team. When field sales tools aren’t actually mobile-friendly, you and your reps will end up struggling with:

  • Low adoption and usage of the tool.
  • A need for even more secondary tools.
  • Inefficiency while out in the field.
  • Important accounts falling through the cracks without sufficient follow-up.
  • Needing to spend more time doing admin work at their desk instead of in the field selling.


Sales is already challenging enough, your tech shouldn’t make it harder. So, to truly optimize productivity, effectiveness, and growth, the sales enablement tools that an outside sales team is using should be fully accessible on mobile devices in the field.

Valuable Mobile-Friendly Features from Map My Customers

As you can see, field sales reps must be able to fully utilize a sales tool even while they are on the go. Especially since that’s where they will be (and should be!) spending most of their time. This is where Map My Customers comes in. 

Map My Customers will empower your reps to optimize the time that they are spending in the field, serving as their trusted co-pilot, and help ensure that your team is no longer driving past valuable potential revenue. This platform offers an unmatched, easy-to-use mobile experience that is available on both iOS and Android devices.


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With Map My Customers, your reps can enjoy a variety of valuable benefits, no matter if they are in the office or on the move out in the field. These benefits include:

Mapping Records

Geographically visualizing customers, prospects, closed deals, etc will bring your team’s territory management, account management, and planning to a whole new level, while also providing valuable insights like never before. In Map My Customers, you and your reps can easily turn line item customer data, through either importation or CRM integration, into color-coded pins on a map, bringing your team’s sales data to life. The particular colors that your pins show up as can be customized to fits your team’s processes/go-to-market strategy. This functionality makes it easy for your reps to focus on what matters most while they are on the go.

Map My Customers mobile sales tool mapping records

Route Optimization

Field sales reps spend a good amount of time driving from one stop to the next, it’s just a necessary part of the job. But, minimizing the time spent behind the windshield as much as possible will ensure that your team is spending more time where it matters most–actually selling. With optimized multi-stop sales routes in Map My Customers, which can easily be created in just a few clicks, reps can significantly cut down on both route planning time and windshield time. These sales routes can even be added to or changed directly from a mobile device while out in the field.

Plus, with the Smart Planner feature within Map My Customers, not only can reps ensure their route is the most efficient but they can also be confident in knowing that the stops on that route are going to maximize sales effectiveness. The automated smart recommendations will help ensure that reps’ time is focused where it matters most and that no accounts or prospects are falling through the cracks. Then, in just a tap, reps can turn their daily agenda into an optimization sales route. (See more on the Smart Planner feature below.)

Map My Customers mobile sales tool route optimization

Data Segmentation (Pin Colors, Groups, Filters)

In Map My Customers, you can easily segment your team’s data so that you can hone in on or easily pick out just the data that you want to see at that moment. For example, you can implement a “Group” filter that shows all of your customers nearby that buy one particular product as a yellow pin on the map (as displayed in the image below). You can easily separate customers and prospects by customized groups or a variety of different customizable filters onto your map. All of this functionality is available on both your desktop and mobile device.

Map My Customers mobile sale tool data segmentation

Logging Sales Activity

With the integrated quick actions, by clicking on a customer or prospect on the map, reps can check in at an account using their current geo-location, add a new sales activity, and call or email them. That activity will then automatically be logged into the account and notes, documents, or the next follow-up appointment can easily be added along with it. Reps can quickly and easily update/add-to customer notes before even leaving the customer’s parking lot. Plus, any updates you make to customer notes or accounts can be seamlessly synced to your team’s sales CRM (if integrated with Map My Customers). 

Map My Customers mobile sales tool logging sales activity

Smart Planner

Map My Customers helps outside sales reps make their to-do list actionable and effective. The Smart Planner feature will make smart recommendations to add to your calendar, like other customers or prospects near your already planned stops, for example. The Planner can be viewed as one particular day or in a full multi-day view, and can be updated or added to even on the go. This tool helps your team ensure that there are no gaps in their day, they are on top of the sales cadence, and are spending their time as productively as possible. Your reps can then easily pull up their calendar while out in the field, helping ensure that they stay focused and on track.

Map My Customers mobile sales tool Smart Planner

Lead Finder

With the Lead Finder feature within Map My Customers, packed with information directly from Google and Google Maps, prospecting for new sales opportunities is made faster and easier than ever before, even while on the go. Reps can search by a particular keyword and instantly see new leads that fit the desired criteria near their current location, within their territory, near their customer visits on their route for that day, etc. For the search results, new possible leads will show up on the map and, in just a click, can display the company information and be added to your CRM or even current sales route. 

Map My Customers mobile sales tool Lead Finder


With Map My Customers, sales managers can also easily keep their finger on the pulse of their team’s performance. The Weekly Scorecard feature will automatically provide a regular real-time update on sales performance, sent straight to your email. One part of this mobile-friendly recap is the Team Leaderboard. This leaderboard shows exactly who your team’s MVP currently is and which reps may need more coaching.  

Map My Customers mobile sales tool Weekly Scorecard

Empower Your Reps with the Tools They Need On-the-Go

In today’s digital sales/business environment, your reps are only as good as the tools they have available. And that means more than just a sales CRM. Your field sales reps need a mobile sales tool that checks all the boxes, especially on the go. 

As you can see, with the truly all-in-one tool from Map My Customers, you can empower your field reps with the mobile sales enablement capabilities they need to truly optimize success–from streamlining planning efforts to keeping the sales pipeline full and everything in between.