How a Robust Tech Stack Can Attract and Retain Sales Talent

Feb 7, 2023

How a Robust Tech Stack Can Attract and Retain Sales Talent

In today’s digital age, sales teams are relying more and more on technology, aka their “tech stack”, to not only assist them in their roles but to help consistently meet and exceed sales quotas.

A sales tech stack is a collection of software programs used by a business to generate and manage sales and provide customer service. This stack can include customer relationship management (CRM) software, sales enablement platforms, outside sales tools, data analytics, customer service platforms, and more. 

Having a robust tech stack is essential for sales teams to be successful, as they provide reps with the tools they need to develop leads, close deals, and analyze customer data. 

These tools significantly reduce the amount of time spent on administrative tasks, help reps visualize new and/or the most potentially profitable sales opportunities, and help to improve overall sales effectiveness. But, your company’s sales tech stack can also be a major factor when it comes to new sales rep recruitment, especially sales professionals from the millennial generation.

The Value of Millennial Sales Talent & Their Value of Technology

Tech stack millennials

Millennials are the largest, most diverse, and most educated generation in history. They are highly adaptable and are accustomed to easily using a wide variety of digital tools and apps in their everyday lives. Thus, putting a high value on the ease that technology brings to their lives. Millennials also understand the importance of digital marketing and social media.

This makes them particularly well-suited to sales, as they can more easily leverage technology to develop leads and close deals. They also bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the table. And as such, they are becoming increasingly valuable and sought-after in the workplace.

The Importance of Sales Tech to the Millennial Generation

Sales tech is an integral part of any sales team, and it’s especially important to millennials. They are used to using technology to streamline tasks, stay organized, and make the most of their time.

So, millennials need and want access to a wide range of tools and platforms that enable them to do their jobs efficiently and effectively. They also need quick access to customer data and sales analytics, so they can make informed decisions and develop strategies that maximize their sales performance.  

To attract and retain good sales talent (especially millennials), it’s important for employers to emphasize the tech stack currently available to their sales teams.

How to Tout Your Sales Tech Stack to Attract & Retain New Sales Talent (Especially Millennials)

There are several ways that a company can showcase its tech stack when it comes to new talent recruitment for its sales teams. This can be done within the job descriptions for sales positions, in the company’s marketing materials geared towards sales rep recruitment, and even by highlighting reviews on sites like Glassdoor from current employees that talk about the company’s sales tech stack. 

To attract millennial sales talent, you should:

Emphasize Your Tech Stack Within the Job Description

tech stack job description

The job descriptions for your open sales positions can be used to emphasize the tech stack your team currently uses. Do this by explaining that you understand the importance of a robust tech stack, breaking down exactly what sales tools and platforms it includes, and how it can help sales reps succeed. 

You should also highlight any sales certifications that your company offers to reps, as this can be a great way to attract and retain millennial talent who value personal growth and career advancement.

Highlight Your Team’s Sales Technology in Recruitment Materials

Your recruitment materials should focus on the value of the tech stack and exactly how it can help sales reps consistently reach their goals. Include an itemized list of the various tools and platforms your team uses (and the new sales talent would have access to). Expand on how your tech stack helps sales reps streamline processes, close deals, and analyze customer data.

Utilize the Power of Current Employee Reviews

Company review sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, and Careerbliss provide the perfect opportunity to showcase reviews from current sales reps that talk about the company’s sales tech stack. You can include these reviews in both your job descriptions and your marketing materials geared toward recruitment. 

This can be a great way to attract and retain millennial sales talent, as it offers potential candidates a firsthand look at what it’s like to work for the company in terms of the sales tech stack available. It will also give a good idea of what can be expected when joining the company, as well as show potential new reps that the current team members are happy with the tech that they are using.

Easy, Additional Ways to Attract & Retain Millennial Sales Professionals

Beyond job descriptions and recruitment materials, there are a couple of other easy ways that you can emphasize the value of your tech stack as an employer and attract millennial sales talent. These include:

  • Emphasizing any available training and education for sales reps on the tech they will be using. It’s important to show that you value the fact that sales reps understand how to best utilize the technology to reach their goals.
  • Making sure that the tech stack is always up to date and that sales reps have access to the latest tools and features.
  • Provide and highlight incentives for sales reps to stay with the company. This could include bonuses for sales reps who reach their goals, or access to additional training and education. 

Provide access to career development opportunities, such as mentorship programs or the chance to attend sales conferences and events. These types of incentives can especially help to attract and retain millennial sales talent.

Utilize the Appeal of Your Company’s Sales Tech Stack to Draw Top Talent

Not only is a robust tech stack essential to the success of today’s sales teams, but it is also critical in sales rep recruitment, especially when it comes to millennial sales talent. And this generation is an extremely valuable tool to include as a part of your group of sales professionals.

By taking the steps we covered above, you can emphasize your company’s sales tech stack and get it in front of the type of sales rep that will have a successful impact on your team. 

Try out some of these strategies today to help ensure that you have the best possible sales team that can maximize your company’s success!