20 Things to Include in Your Sales Report

Mar 9, 2023

sales reports

In order to gauge the success of a business there are many areas that a leadership team will review. When it comes to evaluating sales performance, the best tool to utilize is a sales report. A sales report is a collection of data that is used to track sales information such as sales performance in a given territory or region. As a crucial element of the sales organization, sales reps can include key elements in their sales reports to ultimately help paint the picture for the performance of the sales team. 

Oftentimes with all of the sales information available it can be tricky to determine what should be included in your sales report. We have outlined the top 20 things to include in your next sales report to help make this process as seamless as possible.  

Sales Activity

As a sales rep, you spend a lot of your time with both potential and current clients. You work hard each month to nurture new leads and assure that your current customer base is well taken care of. It is important to track all of this sales activity in your report. It will show the leadership team just where each sales rep is spending their time, what is working when it comes to closing deals, and what needs to be improved upon in the sales process, or even internally within the company’s other processes. Some of the top metrics to capture for sales activity are:

1) Number of calls made to current customers

2) Number of discovery calls made

3) Time spent on each call

4) Number of customer visits

5) Number of proposals sent

6) Number of emails sent

7) Number of conversions

Sales Pipeline

Every new lead moves through different stages of the sales cycle before turning into a sale. This is called your sales pipeline. A sales pipeline can look very different for each territory, and is a good snapshot of what orders are coming down the pipeline, or what needs to be improved upon to convert each lead into a sale. Some of the top metrics to capture a sales pipeline are:

8) Number of top of funnel leads

9)  Number of opportunities

10) Average sales cycle length

11) Average deal size

12) Win rate

Sales Funnel


A sales funnel are the stages a buyer goes through when becoming a customer. This can be anything from a Facebook ad they clicked on to their journey on your website. Capturing the proper sales funnel metrics will help an organization gauge the effectiveness of their sales and marketing efforts. Some of the top metrics to capture a sales funnel are:

13) Email click rates

14) Social media engagement

15) Website engagement

16) Conversion rate

Sales Performance

Sales performance is the KPI that will ultimately paint the picture of an organization’s profit. If leadership wants to know whether a new investment is working out or the effectiveness of its sales activities, they can analyze sales performance. Some of the top metrics to capture sales performance are:

17) Total revenue

18) Revenue by product or product line, customer, and market

19) Percentage of revenue from new business & existing customers

20) Customer acquisition cost

Sales Reporting Tools

Pulling all of the data necessary to develop a concise and informative sales report can be time consuming. This is where having an easy-to-use sales reporting software is beneficial. Utilizing software like Map My Customers, as a sales rep you will be able to see activities, deals and other important metrics in real time and export and save insights into reports. 

Map My Customers is equipped with tools for sales leaders including the Weekly Scorecard to update leaders on their team’s sales performance in their inbox, and Team Leaderboard to show who are the top leaders within an organization.

Moving Forward for Success

Sales reports are a vital part of any company. With the right processes, tools, and software in place, it can be an insightful and painless process for everyone involved. Everyone loves to celebrate wins, and it can often be a challenge to talk about losses. An effective sales report will show all of the sales metrics necessary to celebrate the wins and improve upon the losses. You will learn how to overcome obstacles as a team and continue to move forward for success.