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Building Relationships and Staying Organized as a Sales Manager with Drew Cline from CONMED – Episode 010

April 8, 2023

If ever there was a recipe for success as a Sales Manager, Drew Cline has perfected the ingredients and the process. The key ingredients are a passion for connecting and building relationships, organization and hard work. While that might not be hugely surprising, Drew is proof that there is no easy button or shortcut to success. Drew’s love of organization and socializing in his personal life mirror his professional life. This career in outside sales is natural to him, but it’s still hard, persistent work. The phrase “do what you love” is certainly true in this case.

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“Relationships are huge, especially in our industry, but I think it’s just my natural instinct to form relationships. I love making friends. I love hosting parties. It’s like I treat it just like I do my personal life. I genuinely like getting to know people. So in any of these offices, I was wanting to get to know these people and it’s my job to be there. What else do I have to do? You know, it’s important to me to be good at my job and be successful. Those relationships are valuable,” says Drew Cline, Capital Sales Manager at CONMED.


Learn about Drew’s organization, motivation and how he has been a high-performer in his career. Can you use this recipe for success to be successful in your role as a sales rep?


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