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How a crawl, walk, run approach leads to a successful CRM rollout, Ep #13

June 9, 2023

As someone who closely observes the impact of CRM rollout on outside sales teams, I am passionate about its success. In the latest episode of the Field Sales Leadership Guide podcast, my co-host Mary Keough and I discuss the “Crawl, Walk, Run” approach to seamlessly introduce new technology that is both valuable and user-friendly for your team. I’m your host JT Rimbey. Tune in to learn about the challenges of embracing new processes and how to support your outside reps during the adoption process.

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  • You CAN teach an old dog new tricks [02:02]
  • Data is difficult, but there is a solution [08:32]
  • Boosting Sales Software Usage & Engagement [11:47]
  • Integration with other systems [13:02]
  • Optimization mode [20:28]


Value and ease of use

Rep adoption is one of the primary concerns of our customers and prospects. A generation of outside reps has had tremendous success in med devices, med diagnostics, and automotive manufacturing through building relationships over the last few decades. Sales leaders are hesitant to impose a new technology on these experienced representatives, fearing they may struggle to adapt. We have discovered that when we show successful representatives in their own territory how they can improve their methods and increase their profits, they are eager to adopt the new technology.

When an outside sales representative visits a customer, prospect, or lead, they are responsible for more than just using a CRM. They also need to consider factors such as order history, current order status, supply chain issues, and competition. Being knowledgeable, well-informed, and reliable is crucial when meeting with clients. However, with so many tasks to manage, outside sales reps will disregard any new technology that they don’t immediately see the value in or find easy to use.

Not all CRMs are the same

Many family-owned companies have been successful driving hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue annually with zero tech stack from a CRM perspective. They rely on spreadsheets, notebooks, and post-it notes. The culture at these companies is relationship based, and they trust their outside reps to do the right thing for the right reasons. These companies approach new technology with a bit of apprehension, concerned about how their sales teams will respond.

Some companies have already invested in large CRMs but now face administrative issues and challenges. While these CRMs offer mobile versions, they lack a mobile-first approach, making it inconvenient for field representatives to access information. This difficulty often results in delays and inaccuracies in data logging, as some representatives wait until Friday to log their data.

Accurate data leads to greater results

Having accurate data allows for efficient and effective workload distribution. A top performer might only have the time to build relationships with some accounts if given too many. Lightening that rep’s workload would maintain a healthy pipeline for him without frustration.

By logging data, a company can find the product that will lead to expanding an existing account—one of the greatest challenges that sales leaders have. Because new customer acquisition is vital to the business’s success, sales reps can forget to return to the existing partner base. Without the right tools making it easy for the rep to know to go back to an existing customer, the rep will focus on new leads when they already have an avenue to build business relationships.


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