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Partnering with Independent Reps in Medical Device Sales with Brian Schauer at Novastep - Episode 008

An indirect sales team is a commonly-used model in business. Listen to the pros, cons and tips to maximize the relationship with Brian Schauer from Novastep on the latest episode of the Field Sales Leadership podcast.

15 Sales Podcasts You Should Be Following

Sales is equal parts science and art, so it will always continue to grow and evolve. While there are some solid, basic principles for getting better at sales, changing customer expectations and markets

Training and Hiring Medical Sales Reps to Create a High-Performing Team in 2022

The workforce is continually changing, and companies must adapt and adjust accordingly. The medical device sales industry is no exception to this. Now more than ever it is crucial to hire and train top talent. When it comes to medical sales the sales representatives require a different level of training than sales representatives from other […]

Everything You Need to Know About Geopointe (Pros & Cons)

For sales teams, location intelligence can help fill in gaps that line item CRM data can leave and complete the “big picture” by providing geography-based visualizations. With these new insights, reps can supercharge their sales effectiveness and managers can make informed decisions to help optimize their team’s success. But, where do you start when it […]

Outside Sales Rep Productivity: What a Rep Does in a Typical Week

It’s never been more important to do more with less (and in less time). Businesses have a magnifying glass pointed at employee productivity, and for most sales reps today, success requires more footwork and more time. A report from Forrester observed that closing a deal now involves more buying interactions than ever before, jumping from […]

Tech Budgets for Sales Teams - How to Use Them and How to Get Bigger Budgets

What value would you place on true insight? A tool that would make your life easier, your progress clearer, and your margin of error smaller? That’s the value of technology for sales teams. If asked outright, we’ll bet most executives would agree to invest more to get more sales. But when budget season rolls around, […]

How to Create a First Class Team of Medical Device Sales Reps in 2022

Source: Toolyt There’s no question that COVID has impacted a lot of things over the last year and a half. Medical device sales is no exception to that. The challenges can be felt throughout the industry. In-office/hospital sales visits were halted in most places for a while and companies were battling shortages in the production […]

The 10 Sales Reports You Need from Your CRM [Plus Top CRM Reporting Tools]

It seems that most companies are using the phrase “data-driven” to describe their sales process. It makes them sound edgy and ahead of the competition. What does the phrase actually mean, though? Many sales teams have no idea. It brings to mind complicated software and detailed reports that are difficult to read. However, data-driven doesn’t […]

Excel Templates You Need to Know to Succeed With a CRM

A CRM is a vital tool for any successful company, especially its sales team. Housing everything from customer and prospect contact information to where along the sales funnel those prospects might be. But, your CRM is only as good as the data that is input into it. When thinking about successfully importing your data into […]

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