Everything you need to know about GeoMapper (Pros & Cons)

Jul 8, 2021

Hopefully by now, you understand how essential data visualization is for sales. The right software can help sales reps and leaders gain a deeper understanding of their territories and manage them more effectively.

Utilizing integrated location intelligence software will improve the productivity and the effectiveness of your sales team. It helps sales managers and salespeople quickly see where their best prospects are to plan out business trips, events, and sales calls. They can make better decisions much faster if they can get better visuals.

What is the best software for your sales team? GeoMapper is a popular option on the market today for those who use HubSpot CRM. As a HubSpot mapping feature, users can easily integrate their information from their CRM onto a map. If you’re looking for software for better data visualization, it is probably one of the options you’re considering.

Finding the right software can be daunting. That’s why we did the research for you. In this article, we’re going to break down everything about GeoMapper. We discuss everything from pricing to pros and cons to how to set it up. If you’re still not sure about GeoMapper, we’ll also get into popular alternatives so you can pick the right options for your team.

What is GeoMapper?

GeoMapper is a HubSpot integration that provides data visualization for businesses and enterprises of all sizes. It’s a mapping tool you can use within HubSpot without having to leave your CRM. Plus, you can utilize your HubSpot data to map with ease.

GeoMapper takes companies and contacts within HubSpot and puts them on a map. You can create lists on the platform, such as identifying where different contacts are in the sales funnel, quickly narrowing down customers, and seeing only the ones you want.

The sketch function allows users to target specific areas on the map to further narrow down their information. You can then import these lists you make on GeoMapper into your HubSpot CRM. On HubSpot, you can use your lists to create a marketing campaign for a specific area, maximize your business trip, or help increase attendance at a customer event or tradeshow.

Because of its various features, GeoMapper’s usefulness is not limited to your sales team. Marketing can use it to improve the effectiveness of its campaigns and create localized events with ease. Customer service can also use GeoMapper to invite relevant customers to local events. It can help not only bring in new customers but also upsell and cross-sell to current customers for more sales.

GeoMapper Pricing

Budget is a considerable concern for most businesses, especially for small-and-medium-sized companies and start-ups. GeoMapper offers a wide range of options to help meet every budget.

Because GeoMapper works as a HubSpot mapping tool, users need to have HubSpot CRM. The basic CRM is free, making it particularly attractive for those new to CRM, although sales add-ons will run anywhere from $50 to $3,000 a month depending on how many users you have on your sales team.

Likewise, GeoMapper has a free basic plan. It’s a great option for those new to mapping and unsure of what integrations would be most useful to their sales team. As your contact list grows, though, they offer a variety of sizes to fit your needs best. All packages, including their free plan, provide a range of capabilities:

  • Unrestricted seats
  • Unrestricted lists created
  • Sketch functionality and export to HubSpot Lists

The pricing of the package allows users a different number of companies and contacts to map:


Basic 5K

Pro 10K

Pro 25K

Pro 50K

Up to 100 contacts

Up to 5,000 contacts

Up to 10,000 contacts

Up to 25,000 contacts

Up to 50,000 contacts


$52/mo for yearly plan;

$65 monthly

$72/mo for yearly plan;

$90 monthly

$112/mo for yearly plan;

$140 monthly

$144/mo for yearly plan;

$180 monthly

Whether a start-up with a limited budget or an enterprise with many contacts, each package still gets the same features for its mapping needs. However, it can get expensive if you need more contacts.

Pros and Cons of GeoMapper

Few software platforms work for every business. Your needs, opportunities, and challenges should all factor into which software you choose. GeoMapper may work perfectly for one company but fail to address the needs of another.

Some of the strong pros and cons of using GeoMapper include:


  • As a HubSpot integration, users don’t need to open any new apps to access the mapping feature. It makes importing lists and accessing information easier and more seamless.
  • Users can create specific lists for certain regions and where prospects are in the marketing funnel. It makes visualizing information and strategizing easier than ever.
  • The free option for GeoMapper is a great way for new businesses to see how well data mapping works for their company.
  • The number of options that GeoMapper offers allows businesses to choose the right number of contacts for their organization. You won’t need to pay for more contacts than you need.
  • The mapping feature works for several departments within your company and helps prevent informational silos. Marketing and sales can work seamlessly together on campaigns, for example, and everyone can have the same access to information.


  • GeoMapper is lean mapping software for those who don’t require additional information from their maps. You will need additional software if you want any other capabilities beyond a simple map.
  • The software only works with Hubspot. If you have a different CRM or are planning to change in the future, it won’t work with any other CRM.
  • It can get expensive if you need to add more contacts.
  • It lacks any routing features to help make trips efficient. While users can view customers in a particular area, they won’t be able to get the shortest route.
  • Leadership cannot track their sales reps within the app. They can’t see where salespeople are or what they have done in a workday.
  • It lacks any sales enablement within the app. Sales reps will have to enter any information elsewhere manually.
  • While it is simple to use, many companies that need help with their sales may find it overly simple.

How to Add GeoMapper to Your HubSpot CRM

GeoMapper makes the process of installing their app onto HubSpot simple to make it accessible for all users. They offer a Setup Guide that takes users step-by-step through the process, including all the links to open separately from the guide so that users can keep the directions up while accessing other pages.

If you have more than one HubSpot account, it’s important to choose which one you would like to use for the app from the beginning.

For those that struggle with written directions, they also offer an onboarding video to take you through the process of setting up GeoMapper visually. Once you have opened up your HubSpot account, you can either watch the video or continue to go through the step-by-step guide with screenshots.

Alternatives to GeoMapper

Because HubSpot is such a widely used CRM platform, there are many alternatives to help users find the right mapping option for them. Just like GeoMapper, they can be integrated right into the app to make it easy to access and won’t require re-entering information. You can sync contacts directly from HubSpot to make the process seamless. Users who have grown beyond a simple mapping feature and need sales enablement can choose from other apps to get better capabilities.

When it comes to choosing technology for your sales team, it is worth comparing it with other options to make sure you find the one that works best for your needs and budget. Some popular alternatives to GeoMapper include:

Map My Customers

Sales mapping plus workflow tools for reps and reporting for leaders

Map My Customers now offers integrations with HubSpot to make importing information and accessing data easier than ever! Just like GeoMapper, Map My Customers let’s sales teams visualize their Hubspot company, contact, deal, and activity records as pins on a map, plus group and color-code those pins.

For outside sales teams, Map My Customers provides more in-depth features than GeoMapper. You can see and filter customers on a map plus get tools to make selling easier. As an all-in-one system, Map My Customers goes beyond a simple map to offer users sales enablement tools to help them meet quota. Sales reps can spend less time on data entry and more time selling with productivity tools.

Map My Customers offers optimized routing, automatic logging for activities like visits and calls, plus reps can add notes from wherever even if they’re offline. Plus, they can get all of these features through the mobile app.

The Lead Finder feature within the platform enables reps to optimize their prospecting efforts like never before. They can search the map for new leads that may be near their current location, along their sales route, or near current customers that they are visiting that day. These new leads will show as pins on the map and can provide detailed business info in just a tap. They can then be easily imported into your account and synced back to your CRM.

Reps can plan more intelligently and quickly with the Smart Planner functionality. Reps get smart recommendations for how to build their plan for the day/week, and then easily turn those plans into action. Smart Planner suggests certain sales activities for reps to add to their calendar, preventing accounts from falling through the cracks and reps from having gaps in their day. Daily agendas can be turned into an optimized route with just a tap, putting reps on the road in minutes.

Sales leaders can also benefit from the Map My Customers features. They can keep tabs on their sales rep and track their daily activities, such as visits or calls, from anywhere. Managers can provide assistance from afar without disrupting their rep’s activities.

The Weekly Scorecard feature updates leaders on their team’s sales performance in their inbox. Leaders receive a weekly email with their teams’ key sales stats. The Scorecard can be customized to see activities completed, companies added, pipeline created, and more. The Team Leaderboard shows who is the MVP and who needs more coaching.

If you’re ready to take your sales team to another level and help them get more time selling, then Map My Customers is the right alternative for you. The whole sales team will be able to work more effectively and efficiently with their HubSpot integration.

Pricing: $60/month for personal, $70/month per user for the team. Free trial is available.


Sales mapping for door-to-door sales

For those who need their sales tools to work for door-to-door sales, Spotio has features for you. Plus, it also integrates with HubSpot CRM. It logs door knocks in real-time with GPS location, making it easier for your sales managers to keep track of your team.

Spotio also makes it easier for your reps to sell effectively. Their data lets your sales team see which areas sell best, as well as automatically updating sales with dropped pins so your salespeople can get a visual of deals closed. Spotio can also store pitches to help save time on prep work.

Pricing: Team pricing= $39/month per user, Business= $69/month per user, Pro= $129/month per user. Free trial is available.


A lighter solution for mapping on the go

As a geo-intelligence platform, Mapsly is light enough for those who want a purely mobile option. It offers customizable map optimizing routing, regular visit planner, territory management, no-code automation, and record search by distance.

Mapsly integrates with HubSpot by a native API-based bi-directional connector. The integration allows you to mass update and auto-assign territories.

Pricing: Essential= $25/month per user, Pro= $45/month per user, Enterprise= $70/month per user. Free trial is available.

Badger Maps

For independent sales reps who don’t need team management

Badger Maps also connects with HubSpot CRM with the use of Zapier. Badger automates sales activities, including route optimization, schedule planning, lead generation, and more. It is mobile-friendly to help reps out in the field and displays sales data on maps for better insights. However, Badger Maps can only map contact records from Hubspot – not companies or deals.

Pricing: Business= $49/month per user, Enterprise= $95/month per user. Free trial is available.

Mapping Tools for a More Effective Sales Team

The right territory mapping and data visualization tool is essential for any outside sales team. It helps provide vital insights and more effective planning to improve sales. Fortunately, there are several tools you can use that integrate seamlessly into your HubSpot CRM. Depending on your team size, needs, and budget, you have a range of options to meet your specifications.

It’s crucial that leadership analyzes all their options before investing in new technology. With the right tool, you can improve the productivity and efficiency of your sales team.