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Dec 3, 2021

Map My Customers Weekly Scorecard screenshots
The Weekly Scorecard feature gives sales teams a regular update on the sales performance, straight to your inbox automatically

The best performing sales organizations have a constant finger on the pulse of exactly what is happening from day to day. This includes sales activities, conversions, revenue, etc. But, in general, many field sales teams have long operated in a black box of sorts. When this is happening, usually the only data that sales managers are receiving is when deals are closed. In fact, 49% of sales teams have limited or no means of measuring productivity.

In today’s sales environment, you can’t afford to be part of that 49%. Regular visibility into your team’s sales performance is vital to ensuring success.  By evaluating the sales data, you will always have a roadmap of exactly where adjustments can be made both now and in the future. Plus, if you’re wondering how to hold your sales team accountable, performance visibility will help you do just that.

To get the most insight, you should be drilling down further than just how many deals are being closed. There are a variety of different metrics and KPIs that can give you a realistic idea of the health of your team’s performance. Looking at a combination of them will give you a good idea of exactly where there may be bottlenecks happening in the sales funnel or where in the sales process a rep may be having difficulties. Then, you can make proactive changes to help increase sales effectiveness and performance accordingly.

With so many different sales metrics to track, it’s helpful to have tools that proactively track and provide you with snapshots of those metrics. Then you’ll know exactly when and where to lean in and where further coaching may be needed. One of those tools is the Weekly Scorecard from Map My Customers.

The Weekly Scorecard feature gives sales teams a regular update on sales performance, straight to your inbox automatically.

Always Be Plugged Into Your Team With the Weekly Scorecard

The Weekly Scorecard feature gives sales teams a regular update on the sales performance, straight to your inbox automatically. Every Monday, you’ll receive a weekly email with all the key sales stats for your team in one easy-to-digest place.

In the settings, you can choose up to 6 quick figures to customize exactly what your Scorecard displays, including activities completed, companies added, new gross pipeline created, deals won, and more. Each week you’ll have all of the latest, most important data you need to keep your finger on the pulse of your team’s performance.

Quick figures screen in Map My Customers Weekly Scorecard
Control what information is shown on the Weekly Scorecard with options in Quick Figures.

You can also get a rundown of Action Items as part of your scorecard, showing you the scheduled activities for the week, overdue activities, records that have gone over sales cadence, and records that are set to go over cadence soon.

Map My Customers Weekly Scorecard action items option
Toggle on the action items option to view your scheduled activities for the week.

The Advantages of Tracking Sales Team Performance

As we’ve touched on above, teams can’t improve on what they don’t know. So, actively tracking sales team performance, like through the Weekly Scorecard, will give valuable insights needed to optimize your sales team. Here are a few reasons why performance tracking through a sales rep tracking software is so advantageous:

  • You can quickly identify patterns, both good and bad, allowing you to pinpoint what may be working and what needs to change.

  • You’ll be able to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your reps, enabling teams to be coached more effectively.

  • Since it will be easier to see which tasks are the most important, teams will be armed with what you need to prioritize and plan each day for maximum success.

  • You’ll be able to help significantly improve your team’s efficiency by identifying inefficiencies in the sales process.

  • When performance snapshots are visible to your entire team, it will also generate a level of competition and push reps, even more, to be successful.

Use Gamification to Further Motivate Your Team

Healthy competition positively impacts a sales rep’s performance and drives results. Photo Source: Nimble CRM

One thing is for sure, sales reps are competitive by nature. So, healthy competition through gamification is something that should be utilized within your organization. This will not only keep reps on their toes but will also have a direct effect on their performance.  Reps are motivated by seeing exactly how they stack up against their peers. They want to win and they also don’t want their peers to see them in last place.

You can implement gamification through performance tracking and providing extra incentives to reps who are consistently reaching or exceeding goals. Utilizing performance snapshots will also give everyone a clear picture of the areas that need to be improved upon to surpass sales quotas. So, this also brings in a level of sales accountability.

The Team Leaderboard within the Weekly Scorecard enables you to do all of the above. The Leaderboard shows who your team’s MVP is and who may need more coaching, while also helping keep reps focused on the metrics that matter. You can choose from a variety of different metrics for the Leaderboard to be based on, as seen in the snapshot above, allowing reps to see exactly where they stand.

Map My Customers Weekly Scorecard Team Leaderboard screen.
Use the Team Leaderboard to view performance metrics and track the team’s MVP.

Use Valuable Performance Insights to Optimize Efforts Sales Efforts

Having the latest sales performance insights will help keep you and your team on the same page, pinpoint where proactive improvements can be made, and further motivate reps to meet and exceed sales expectations. The Weekly Scorecard from Map My Customers makes it easy to review all of the most important data and performance stats in one place right from your email.

For sales managers, the Weekly Scorecard provides the roadmap that can help you strategically coach your team and optimize sales performance.

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