The Best Mobile Sales Enablement Apps 2022

Aug 10, 2022

best sales enablement apps 2022

Why are successful businesses willing to put so much money into mobile sales enablement tools? Because they know it works — according to statistics from G2’s LearnHub, 76% of organizations see an increase in sales between 6% to 20% due to the use of sales enablement tools.

Effective sales enablement means that you’re arming your sales reps with everything they need to get ahead, be prepared, and feel confident, informed, and capable. Mobile sales enablement tools help make this possible for outside sales reps. Armed with these apps, reps will be prepared to connect with the right prospects and customers at just the right time, even while they’re out in the field.

If you are serious about sales enablement for your field sales team, you need to invest in mobile apps to optimize it. Sales enablement tools that are great for outside sales teams will have a mobile application that a user can download and use on their mobile devices while on the go.

With the right mobile apps and technology solutions, you will be enabling your reps to land more sales and create higher revenue for your company. But, with so many mobile sales tools available today, it can be hard to sort through and determine which are going to be the best options. We’ve done the legwork for you.

Here are some of the best mobile sales enablement apps, broken down by category, that can help your team sell more, from wherever they are:

Routing & Mapping

Routing and mapping tools can reduce planning time and provide insightful data about sales team performance.

Map My Customers

Optimizing your reps’ activities and processes, especially when it comes to sales routing and territory mapping, is critical to the success of today’s outside sales teams. Luckily, there are mobile-friendly tools that can handle all of it. With robust capabilities that include territory mapping, optimized route management, easy-to-use lead generation, in-depth charts and reports that allow you to get better data visualization of KPIs, and powerful team management, Map My Customers provides you with all the sales intelligence and automation you need directly on your mobile device.

One of the main obstacles to selling is that your sales reps are bogged down with activities that keep them from selling. As one of the best apps for sales routes, Map My Customers helps cut down on common time-wasters, namely route planning and driving time. Optimized routes can be created in just a few taps, enabling your reps to optimize their efficiency and effectiveness.

Map My Customers’ mobile-first application was purpose-built for traveling sales reps and optimizes all of your team’s daily processes, even while out in the field. Thus, enabling your reps to spend more time doing what they’re meant to do: sell.

Pricing: Monthly and annual plans are available and start at $60/month per user (when billed monthly).

Get a guided, hands-on tour today!


Spotio is a mapping and sales engagement software that is great for business-to-consumer door-to-door sales teams. The platform centralizes all sales activity, helping sales reps increase effectiveness when out in the field while also helping sales managers track their teams and manage sales territories more efficiently.

Spotio offers territory mapping and management, a sales activity tracking and reporting dashboard, Autoplays, prospecting capabilities, visual pipeline creation and tracking, and more.

In the mobile app, GPS location is used to log reps’ door knocks in real-time, while sales numbers are automatically updated with dropped pins on the map. You and your team will then have an accurate and up-to-date visual representation of closed deals within the territories. To help reduce time spent on prep work, sales presentations can also be stored within the app for easy access. The platform also offers capabilities for reps to create optimized sales routes within their defined territory.

Pricing: Four different levels of plans are offered, but you do have to request a demo to get full pricing information. (All plans are billed annually)

Sales Rabbit

As a platform that was built specifically for reps selling door-to-door, SalesRabbit meets the needs of many of today’s B2C outside sales teams. This software works as a territory mapping and canvassing app and provides valuable features that include customer management, lead tracking, sales team management, and other field sales needs.

The mobile sales enablement app from SalesRabbit can help outside sales reps make the best use of their CRM data while out in the field. Users can geographically visualize prospect and customer data on a map, easily see which houses have been visited, track leads, and monitor and report sales progress, while also syncing SalesRabbit data back to your sales CRM (available with certain CRM integrations). All of these features help enable your team to be more efficient and effective.

For sales leaders, SalesRabbit also helps streamline management processes. Managers can create the team’s sales territories, assign them to their reps, visually track progress on the map in real-time, and view the history of areas, enabling managers to manage and track territories more successfully.

Pricing: There are three different plans available for the SalesRabbit platform, which start at $25/month/user billed annually, as well as several different add-ons that are available and priced separately.


prospecting sales enablement apps 2022 
Tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator can produce high quality leads.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Uncovering new leads, reaching out to the right people, and efficiently closing deals is made easier, even on the go, using LinkedIn Sales Navigator. With this app, sales reps can tap into LinkedIn, the most powerful online professional network, and use the built-in search and filter features to reach the right kind of customers more effectively.

With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, users can conveniently call, email, or send InMail private messages (LinkedIn’s internal messaging) to decision-makers using their LinkedIn information or their contact information in your CRM. The app can also be used to find and save promising new prospects or easily collaborate with other team members to discover who knows a prospect before entering a meeting.

The app also provides actionable insights and real-time relevant news, ensuring reps have a deeper understanding of their customers and can continue to fill their sales pipeline with new prospects.

Pricing: Annual and monthly plans are available starting at $79.99/mo.

Map My Customers

Much more than just a route planning software, Map My Customers truly is an all-encompassing mobile sales enablement app that helps streamline your team’s entire workflow. This also includes your reps’ prospecting efforts.

Map My Customers helps make finding new leads a breeze, even from the app while out in the field. The Lead Finder feature enables users to quickly and easily find new leads nearby their current location to add to their account list for future sales calls and visits. Reps can fill gaps in their day and reduce the number of new revenue opportunities that they are unknowingly driving by.

With the app’s lasso tool, users can lasso a group of pins on their territory map (including new leads) in one swipe and build a new call list, create a group, and even create a new sales route in just a few taps.

Map My Customers’ prospecting tools help ensure that your reps are making the best use of their time while out in the field and continue to effectively build their book of new business.

Pricing: Plans start at $60/month per user (when billed monthly). Get a guided, hands-on tour today!


It is crucial to research and have precise information about your customers, but it can be hard to keep that data clean—or find the right data in the first place. By simply closing this gap using data enrichment, reps can increase their precision and productivity. This is because they will be able to not only understand the leads they already have but also identify future opportunities more easily.

This is where ZoomInfo comes in. This platform offers the most accurate and actionable B2B contact data and intelligence available in the market today, with integrations available for big industry-standard sales CRMs like Hubspot and Salesforce. With ZoomInfo, users can schedule and automate the enrichment of their CRM data and infuse their database with ZoomInfo’s information on a business’ team size, funding, technology use, and hundreds of other data points.

The robust mobile app from ZoomInfo enables your reps to effectively communicate with key customers and prospects, as well as quickly and easily access the information they need to manage deals while on the go.

Pricing: ZoomInfo offers three levels of plans for their SalesOS platform/app depending on your team’s needs. You do have to start a free trial to get specific pricing info.

Skill Development

skill development sales enablement apps 
Development of professional and soft skills can help transform teams.


If experience matters to you when it comes to sales training and skill development, Brainshark has been around longer than most of its competitors and touts a customer base of over a thousand clients. This data-driven sales enablement and readiness platform integrates seamlessly with other powerful platforms and CRMs to help you diagnose performance issues and give you custom insight based on your team’s unique metrics.

Because of its mobile-first philosophy, reps can be trained and coached literally anywhere using the mobile app. The platform also provides easy content creation and sharing and harnesses deep analytics to provide further performance insights into your team.

Pricing: There are two plans available for Brainshark, which are billed annually per user. Specific pricing is available by contacting their sales team for a demo.


MindTickle is a sales readiness platform that will help you easily create a culture of sales excellence through its sales training, sales coaching, conversation intelligence, and sales enablement capabilities all built into one software. The easy-to-use mobile and web experience fits the needs of all types and sizes of sales teams, from small to enterprise-level.

By using MindTickle, outside sales teams can increase their level of sales knowledge, understand the most effective sales activities/behaviors, and learn how to more easily adapt to change. All of these things will lead to increased sales effectiveness and boost revenue.

MindTickle offers data-driven sales coaching capabilities and provides automated workflows, user management, and learning program tracking. You can customize learning paths for your reps based on their profile, needs, and performance. Reps can learn through a variety of coaching techniques including social and gamified training, microlearning, AI reinforcement, and more.

Pricing: You have to request a demo of MindTickle to get detailed pricing information on the plan that would meet the needs of your team.


SalesHood is a leading all-in-one sales enablement platform used by fast-growing companies to optimize sales performance. This software has been proven to reduce onboarding and ramp-up time, increase sales quota attainment, and accelerate sales velocity through the use of powerful virtual training, coaching, and selling capabilities.

The platform offers bite-sized learning modules, video sales coaching, micro performance assessments, and video role-playing, making training and coaching your reps a faster and easier process. Personalized learning paths can be prescribed by role and automated for just-in-time learning.

Users can also utilize sales content and win stories, which can be stored in the app, at the perfect time for customer conversations. Personalized customer microsites can also be created to easily share videos and content with customers.

With SalesHood, your team can learn together, sell smarter, and help grow the business faster.

Pricing: $75/month/user. There are additional add-ons available separately and SalesHood does offer pricing discounts for volume and multi-year agreements.

Internal Communications

internal communication sales enablement apps 2022 
Mobile apps like Slack and Teams make it easier for teams in the field to stay in contact with their colleagues.


For sales teams, especially outside sales teams, reps must be able to easily keep in touch with each other and sales leadership. This is where Slack comes in–as a leading communication and collaboration tool that can keep your team connected, even while they are on the go.

The app can also be used to reach customers through real-time communication, enabling reps to remain responsive to their needs and offer outstanding service. Slack can also be integrated with a variety of popular CRMs to help manage sales deals, collaborate on large accounts, and create custom “channels” for different topics.

By integrating Slack with your CRM, communications and sales processes can be streamlined without having to switch back and forth between the platforms. Users can quickly and easily see Slack notifications, tasks, and actions while still working within your CRM.

Pricing: A basic, free plan is available that provides for 10,000 team messages. For increased power and better collaboration capabilities, there are paid plans available that are billed annually per user and start at $6.67/month.

Microsoft Teams

To put it simply, some have said that Microsoft Teams is conceptually similar to Slack but with a lot more bells and whistles. From the makers of Microsoft365, Microsoft Teams is a chat-based team collaboration platform that offers online meetings, document sharing, and many more useful features for sales team/business communications.

Having a good team collaboration space is key to being able to easily communicate with one another and make creative and coordinated decisions. Microsoft Teams makes this much easier to achieve, especially for outside sales teams, teams within a large company, and teams with many remote employees.

The mobile app offers valuable capabilities like team conversation (channels), chat, document storage, online video calling, online meetings, and more, even while out in the field!

Pricing: Microsoft Teams offers a free basic-level plan as well as three paid plans, starting at $4.00/month/user billed annually, to meet the needs of different sales teams.

*Microsoft Teams is included in Microsoft365 for free for business and enterprise-level plans.


Chanty is a team collaboration software that helps businesses streamline communication processes via voice or video calls and instant messaging. This platform helps teams organize and track their day and improve business communication, productivity, and effectiveness. Your team can start collaborating and communicating effectively, all in one place.

Administrators/managers can create messaging channels by topic, add or delete members to those channels, assign administrative roles to multiple users, and archive conversations. Users can highlight specific team members, start messaging threads to ensure context-based conversations, and even pin important messages. Chanty also offers preview functionality, allowing users to view external links and documents from within the platform.

The platform also offers a kanban view to help teams track and manage tasks. Users can set up to-do lists, priorities, sub-tasks, and due dates on one centralized platform. The filter and search functionality allows users to view specific tasks, member profiles, messages, and communication channels.

Pricing: The free plan is for teams of up to 10 people. For larger teams and those needing additional features, Chanty’s Business plan is $3/month/user billed annually.

Content Sharing

content sharing sales enablement apps 2022 
Using content sharing sales enablement apps is a professional way to present interactive and eye-catching materials during a sales presentation.


Most sales reps know the importance of providing relevant content to their prospects at the right time. Today’s buyers expect consultative, informative, and personalized sales conversations that drive value and deliver insights. Case studies, market research, virtual product demonstrations, and white papers can increase customer engagement, convince leads to choose your product with confidence, and/or push customers to understand the benefits of the upsell being offered. Thus, increasing your team’s closing effectiveness. However, all of these documents and links can be a nightmare to organize, let alone sync between devices.

Enter Showpad. This content-sharing platform allows your sales team to efficiently find the content that they need, even on a mobile device, and guide buyers through the sales process with customized and interactive experiences. Your reps can also send content to prospects with ease. And if you’re not sure what to use, Showpad can recommend content by way of its data-driven algorithms and AI.

The platform integrates with a host of applications, including many CRMs, Gmail, Outlook, and social media platforms. So, your reps aren’t stuck switching platforms to find the content they need.

Pricing: There are three plans available to meet the needs of different sales teams. But pricing information is only available by request.


Seismic provides a centralized location to manage all sales resources and information, while also providing improved alignment between sales and marketing. Through AI and machine learning, Seismic can help speed up your sales cycle. With their live data feed, sales reps are kept up-to-date, even when they are out of the office.

Not only can Seismic help sales reps share content easily, but it will even make recommendations based on what stage your prospect is at in the sales process. The platform gives your sales team the knowledge and information they need to be effective and a source of wisdom for buyers. It’s no surprise, then, that Seismic helps improve close rates and delivers larger deals.

And with their acquisition of Savo in 2018, one of the oldest sales enablement solutions in the space, it’s safe to consider their team particularly experienced when it comes to the needs in this space.

Pricing: You have to request a free demo to find out detailed pricing based on your team’s needs.


Guru was built for sales teams that are looking for a way to organize all of the important company information in one centralized location that can be accessed from anywhere. This platform provides a company wiki that works in your sales workflow, putting the information your team needs to do their job always at their fingertips.

With Guru, your reps can create, share, access, and update important sales and product/offering information within the context of their existing workflow, even from a mobile device. The software brings expert-verified, contextual information to the places your team is already working in, like your CRM, email, Chrome browser, Slack, Teams, and more.

By using Guru, teams can easily share critical product information, improve the onboarding of new reps, and streamline internal communication.

Pricing: Guru offers a free plan for teams of up to 3 users and paid plans starting at $5/month/user, billed annually or monthly, for larger teams and those needing more advanced features. Check out their pricing page for more information.

Utilize Mobile Sales Enablement for More Revenue

If your sales teams can align and optimize their selling methods, they’ll give your clients the peace of mind and sense of security they need to work with you. The capabilities provided through these mobile sales enablement apps that we’ve covered above will help you do just that.

Whether it’s location intelligence, internal communications, or the best sales intelligence to support your offerings, investing in this kind of support for your team and encouraging the engagement on the new CRM or sales tool after launching is crucial in modern sales in today’s digital world.

Pick a few of these mobile sales tools to test out this week and start enabling yourself and your sales team for success! Listen to the Field Sales Leadership Guide Podcast to learn more about best CRM/sales tool practices to be sure you hit the ground running with your new CRM system.

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