Activity Tracking

Real-time visibility into sales activities

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Better data for more proactive coaching

See what each rep is doing in the field – activity volume, who they’re seeing, leads they’re prospecting, and help guide them towards quota-crushing activities.

Insights delivered to your inbox

Get a weekly scorecard automatically emailed to you with customizable metrics like activities completed, deals rotting, and leads added.

Tie activities to revenue

Report on activities so you can understand how sales drives revenue.

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The sales toolkit adored by reps

This app has easily saved me a lot of time when I am in the field. The lead generation tool is a great asset because now when a client should cancel, I can use that time with another client that I found, instead of searching for what to do and looking for clients.

G2 Review

I love the mobile capabilities to easily log and identify opportunities/call points from the field. No more logging into my hotspot 100 times a day just to fill out my CRM. More time focusing on key aspects of field sales and driving revenues & growth.

G2 Review

Map My Customers is a fantastic app for traveling sales reps. It maps out routes for you so you can hit every account in the best order to save on drive time. It also has a find leads function, so if you are in a city and you have some spare time, you can use that and find new accounts to call on.

G2 Review

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