How a Robust Tech Stack Can Attract and Retain Sales Talent

Having a robust tech stack is essential for sales teams to be successful. This tech stack can also be a major factor when it comes to new sales rep recruitment, especially sales professionals from the millennial generation.

Hiring and Training a Medical Sales Team with Aeroflow Healthcare - Episode 004

A well-developed hiring and training program is critical when building a high-performing medical sales team. Your company’s success is only as strong as the performance of your sales reps. This is true no matter what type of company you are. But, as Map My Customers’ Senior Enterprise Account Executive JT Rimbey describes, “hiring the right […]

The 6 Best Sales Coaching Software Tools

When it comes to coaching a sales team, there are many different metrics you could capture to help drive your coaching plan, depending on the individual/team. Of course, for reps who have already been out in the field, sales leadership can look at hard sales data and look at key metrics like win rate and, […]

The Complete Sales Rep Onboarding Checklist: A 30-60-90 Day Plan for Sales Training

The success of new sales reps that you’ll be bringing into your team in 2020 will largely depend on how well the sales onboarding process is organized and executed. Bringing a new salesperson into an already-established sales team can be daunting—for both your business and the new hire. Will they be a good fit? How […]

What To Expect (& How To Be Successful) In Outside Sales As A New Rep

Whether you are recently out of college or making a career change, with continued growth in the demand for outside sales reps, now is the perfect time to solidify yourself in a successful field sales career. As someone new to the role, it is natural to want to learn how to be successful in outside […]

Decrease Onboarding Time for Your Sales Team [Infographic]

The onboarding process for new sales reps is more than handing them an employee handbook and access to your CRM. According to a survey of 384 companies, the average length of time it takes to ramp up a new sales rep is 4.5 months. However, almost 20% of companies take longer than seven months to […]

What to Expect from the Sales Rep Onboarding Process (And Tips to Improve It)

You know the importance of bringing the right talent into your company. However, without an effective onboarding process, you’re hurting your potential talent and ultimately, your bottom line. The values that you instill in your new hire and the tools you give them to succeed will largely determine how successful your company is. What is […]

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