Improving the medical go-to-market strategy by putting data to use

Quick hit summary

The problem:  Biodesix had a treasure trove of data, but no way for their outside sales team to leverage that data.

The solution:  A map-based, mobile-first CRM to help reps visualize and route accounts in their territory.

The results:  Reps use the system to strategically attack their territory and feed data back into the system. This data and system becomes the engine that fuels Biodesix’s sales and marketing success.

The problem

“We have this treasure trove of data but we hadn’t found a way to translate that into something the sales team could use while they’re on the go.”

Robbie Lunt, Senior Director of Marketing at Biodesix, understands the importance of data. With an undergraduate in Biotechnology and a knack for analyzing systems, Robbie also understands that you need a system for putting data to action. That’s why he’s so passionate about the Biodesix mission: to improve the standard of lung cancer diagnosis and treatment through data-driven medicine.

Biodesix does this through a series of blood-based tests delivered through pulmonology and oncology clinics. 

From thorough research, the Biodesix team knows who their targets are. 

  • They have salespeople matched to target geographies
  • These salespeople have target accounts in these geographies
  • Their salespeople are trained on how to talk to different accounts

But this wasn’t enough. Because while they had the right salespeople in the right geographies with the right data in hand, the sales team didn’t have a great system for leveraging that data.

To verify whether an account is a good-fit lead, Biodesix needs the sales team to go out in the field, face-to-face, to confirm whether or not it’s a good account. While also visiting current accounts to check-in on product use and success. 

But, the sales team had no system for doing this in an efficient and manageable way.

As Robbie says, “Putting that data in a way that they could easily pull it up and get the insights they need to be efficient was really important.”

mobile app - visualize

The solution

Enter Map My Customers. As a map-based, mobile-first CRM, this was the ideal solution to Robbie’s problem.

Rather than filtering through lists in Salesforce and then trying to map accounts, sales reps see accounts as pins on their territory map. But, Robbie also knew setting this map up in a strategic way would be key. 

“The way we’ve set this up is to have certain information about an account from Salesforce come into Map My Customers as a pin. Those pins are color-coded based on product line and customer segment. 

This process has really helped our sales reps be more deliberate in the field. They can see how implementation is going with current customers and how they can expand lead accounts just by seeing the pin color.”

Because the targeting and qualification steps are so important to Biodesix’s sales process, Robbie knew Map My Customers would help his team have better clinical conversations.

Each conversation, whether with a current customer or a potential account, is a data point that feeds Biodesix’s go-to-market motion. The more clinics are qualified and disqualified, the better forecasting and business decisions Biodesix’s leadership team can make.

The results

“Where we’ve gotten a lot of value out of Map My Customers is in looking across all the specialists and determining who are those doctors that are seeing the patient population where our tests will be the most impactful.” 

Biodesix uses several metrics to track success:

            • Number of pulmonologists and oncologists using their tests
              • Number of eligible patients receiving tests at each clinic
            • New customer acquisition
            • Current customer retention

Using Map My Customers, the Biodesix team gets more accurate data on each of these metrics. And this allows them to think more strategically about expanding their total addressable market.

As Robbie says, “The target from a commercial standpoint is: How do we educate healthcare providers on the value of our tests? And how will it help improve patient care?”

Using a combination of systems to collect relevant data is key to Biodesix’s success. 

What Map My Customers has been able to give Robbie is a system for measuring sales and marketing data and success.

The sales process at Biodesix looks something like:

  1. Qualification
  2. Implementation
  3. Demonstrate value

With the right systems in place, Biodesix measures each step of course. But they can now optimize each step, too. What this means for clinics is a better understanding of lung cancer diagnosis and treatment. And what this means for Biodesix is a more meaningful journey on improving patient care through personalized medicine.

While your sales team might not be visiting lung cancer oncologists, if they’re going out in the field, they need the right tools to do their job better. Book a demo with our product team today to see how Map My Customers can fit into your outside sales operations.

Where we’ve gotten a lot of value out of Map My Customers is in looking across all the specialists and determining who are those doctors that are seeing the patient population where our tests will be the most impactful.

Robbie Lunt

Director of Marketing

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