Making it easy to measure what matters in outside sales

Quick hit summary

The problem: Jasper Engines and Transmissions had a sales process that worked… until they outgrew it.

The solution: Map My Customers removes the administrative tasks that plagued Jasper’s outside reps.

The results: Jasper’s reps spend less time planning and more time doing what they love: building relationships with customers.

The problem

Jasper Engines and Transmissions prides itself on its culture and sales process. And for good reason: they work. Jasper has a well-defined sales process for each rep that starts with “12 good calls per day.”

From there, each territory is divided into quadrants – called T-groups. Within each T-group, you have Fours, Sixes and Twelves. These designation represent the numbers of times per year field sales reps should be face-to-face with that account. 

Simply put: sales reps know where they’re going and when. Jasper gives reps videos, decks and scripts to follow for each call.

While this may seem like overkill, Jasper has it down to an art and a science. They know what their most successful reps are doing because they measure everything. According to Joe McDonald, Jasper’s VP of Sales, “What gets measured gets done.”

Jasper’s program is so successful that reps who leave for leadership positions implement the process at their new companies. Clients of Jasper even hire them for business and sales consulting help.

So, what’s the problem? According to Joe, “One of the reasons we’re going with Map My Customers is our internal program – we’ve outgrown it. We have to bring in another program that will give those tools to our reps today.”

The solution

Jasper Engines looked to Map My Customers to eliminate the administrative tasks that plagued their reps’ day-to-day. While they had their T-groups delineated, they had no way to automate mapping and activity tracking. Map My Customers did all this and more.

Rather than using spreadsheets, notepads, paper and pen, Jasper reps open the Map My Customers app and their day is laid out for them on their territory map. Their accounts pop up as pins, they circle the days’ accounts and Map My Customers routes their day. 

Then, after each call, reps can save notes, create check-ins and fill out activity fields in less than 5 minutes. Jasper’s field reps ditch the administrative tasks and leadership gets better insights on how they can improve and optimize their field sales team.

“We’re asking our guys to do more administrative tasks than they should have to do, so we’re excited to bring Map My Customers onboard,” says Joe.

The results

“Measure what matters” is a Joe McDonald signature saying. CRMs are often overwhelming for first-time users and they focus on too many data points.

Jasper Engines – thanks in large part to Joe – has narrowed their datasets, so reps only log activities that matter.

Jasper Engines and Transmissions continues to benefit from Map My Customers at the rep and leadership level.

Since implementing Map My Customers, Jasper Engines celebrates:

  • A 90%+ rep adoption rate month-over-month
  • 491 new leads added on average
  • 32,000+ activities logged on average per month



We talk about processes and that’s what Map My Customers is going to bring to us and take away some of those administrative tasks.”

Joe McDonald

VP of Sales

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