Sync hands-free from Microsoft Dynamics to Map My Customers

Turn data into action. Map My Customers transforms your CRM data into maps, routes, call lists, and daily agendas for the field.


See your Microsoft Dynamics accounts on a map (from anywhere)

With your Microsoft Dynamics customer data in Map My Customers, you can visualize your companies, contacts, deals and more on an easy-to-use map. Available on both web and mobile.

Supercharge your Microsoft Dynamics CRM with the co-pilot for field sales

Drive revenue with optimized routes

Create and save routes to spend less time behind the wheel and more time in front of customers

Ditch time-consuming data entry

Automatically log visits, calls and emails — plus take notes with voice-to-text

Measure team performance

Look beyond the map with reporting on activities, deal progression, and customers out of cadence

The preferred tool of field sales teams

MMC is an easy-to-use, robust application that allows my sales team to focus on productivity and not get bogged down with lengthy reports and planning. As a management tool, the data is well structured and useful for tracking my team’s progress.

Ben L.

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“Outside Sales: Starting using in 2014, and have been blown away with the product. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED”

Dustin W.

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The mobile app is terrific, works in real-time as reps visit clients. The entire platform has been built with sales reps in mind, not from a manager oversight perspective.

Kevin D.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there eligibility requirements?

No, all you need is a standard license to be eligible for an integration from Microsoft Dynamics to Map My Customers.

Is there an additional fee?

Not for one-way integrations, which are included in Personal package. Two-way sync is included in our Team package and requires an additional setup fee. Talk to our sales team for more information.

Do I need a CRM administrator?

No, we made this integration simple to set up within Map My Customers. Our support team is available to answer questions about your integration.

Can I sync from MMC to Microsoft Dynamics?

Yes, two-way sync is available for teams with the Team packageTalk to our sales team for more information.

Level up your integration with two-way sync


What happens in the field shouldn’t stay in the field

Upgrade from our standard one-way integration to our Team package to seamlessly sync data between Microsoft Dynamics and Map My Customers – so all the latest customer activity is in your CRM

Ditch double data entry, for good

Know your data is quality

Syncing ensures your data is clean and consistent between applications

Save time for your reps

Reps’ activity logs, notes and customer updates are pushed to Microsoft Dynamics

Uncover more insights

Use Map My Customers to collect untapped data in your team’s activity