The right technology matters for outside sales teams

Logging everything in notebooks and spreadsheets.

Not knowing who to see and when to see them.

No process for measuring why some reps succeed and other don’t.

These problems are unique to outside sales teams. And the solution is simple: a CRM made for outside sales.

Map My Customers makes it easy for reps to know who to see and when to see them. And essential for sales leaders who crave the sales activity data they need to make better business decisions.

It’s time for a better way to build customer relationships.

“My reps go into Map My Customers and BINGO – they know who to see and when to see them.

“It’s important to me as a manager that they’re not having to make that decision every week.”

– Austin Green, Regional VP, Jasper Engines and Transmissions

Know who to see and when to see them

No more filtering in a spreadsheet or manually creating lists. Get a complete view of your accounts based on deal stage, Tiers, cadences and more.

You want to view your accounts your way. 

Filter your view, tap an account, check-in and edit in seconds.

Map My Customers makes it easy for outside sales teams to strategically attack their territory.

Stop managing, start coaching

No sales leader is a sales leader because they love to micromanage. They want to lead and coach. And most CRMs don’t help sales leaders be better leaders.

Map My Customers gives sales leaders the tools they need to:

  • Send coaching tips in real-time
  • Assess the amount and type of visits across reps and correlate that to revenue
  • Get reps in front of more decision makers
  • Track individual rep KPIs and goals in a single place

So, reps don’t feel micromanaged, or worse, abandoned. And sales leaders feel like they can help their reps reach their goals and earn more money.

Act on the data that matters to YOUR team

On average, outside reps spend up to 1/3 of their time on administrative activities. Or, activities that don’t correlate to revenue. Planning, routing and tracking down follow-ups account for most of this time.

Map My Customers automates much of the routing, follow-ups and planning, so your reps can spend more time building quality customer relationships.

And your managers get better visibility into how reps spend their time. Now, rather than wasting 1:1s with filler talk, your managers know how to coach their reps to be more effective in the field.

Support your sales team with the right CRM provider

You value customer relationships, and so do we. Our relationship doesn’t end with a signature on a dotted line. Your Customer Success team handles data transfer, account set-up, training and continued success.

Unlike other CRM providers, we help set-up your integrations and build your account. We also share best practices for a CRM implementation and hold regular Office Hours to skill-up your team throughout your CRM journey. 

activity tracking

See how an automotive parts distributor revamped their outside sales team with Map My Customers


Rep adoption

Activities logged per month

Leads added last month

See how better relationships means more revenue

After 3 months of use, we’ve seen companies achieve up to a 40% increase in revenue