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Industry Industrial Equipment
Location Knoxville, Tennessee


Joe Anderson

National Director of Sales

Royal Brass & Hose distributes products and parts for mobile equipment, transportation, mining, agriculture, suppliers, timber and more and service the Southeast, Mid-Southwest, Midwest and Mid-Atlantic U.S.

We had the opportunity to chat with Joe Anderson, the sales manager for Royal Brass and Hose:

Why did you seek out a tool like Map My Customers?

Joe: We are a 70-year-old industrial distribution company and B2B sales has changed dramatically but our sales force has not. Myself and my partner came on board about 4 years ago to change the culture. We needed an electronic platform to help us coach that. Map My Customers was a perfect fit for us.

What problems did you face with technology before Map My Customers?

Joe: We had very little field technology and no way of having consistent information about accounts. CRM with other companies had very little field accessibility and was hard to use for a sales rep.

What were you looking for in a sales tool?

Joe: We were trying to make sure that our team would have a tool that is focused on ease-of-use as a rep is onsite or in the parking lot. Some of our sales force had experience with Streets and Trips (Microsoft) and loves the mapping aspect of Map My Customers.

How is Map My Customers changing the way your team operates?

Joe: We are working with this platform to build a matrix where we can measure the velocity of closing deals, what our success rate is on leads, the cadence of calls, reducing mileage and being more strategic.

Can you summarize the value that Map My Customers has brought your team?

Joe: What we were wanting to accomplish with Map My Customers is a culture change with our sales force. We’re working hard for deeper engagement of our contacts, a consistent process among our entire sales team, a platform where we could have reviews between a sales team member and a manager. We wanted platform accountability. This platform was the best answer for that.

We wanted platform accountability. Map My Customers was the best answer for that.

Joe Anderson

Sales Manager

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