Don’t just manage your territories, own them

Map My Customers empowers outside sales teams to take territory management beyond building and visualizing. And uncover a territory’s true potential.

sales mapping - update records

Build territories without bringing in IT

Territory reassignments shouldn’t need five people and a month-long timeline. Sales leaders who use Map My Customers can build and re-assign territories in less than an hour.  

Predefined filters, like states, counties and zip codes make building territories faster and easier. 

Need more customization? No problem. Draw precise territory lines right on your sales map.

Spend less time onboarding and training

Sales turnover happens. Getting bogged down in new rep onboarding and training doesn’t have to happen.

Outside teams who use Map My Customers reduce onboarding time and enhance new rep training. Assigning new territories happens in a few clicks and new reps can visualize their new territory the way they want to: on a map.

With the right systems in place, onboarding and training doesn’t have to be an administrative burden.

activity tracking - tie activities

Get the territory data you need when you need it

Need a territory pipeline report now? Need to know a product’s penetration within a defined area?  

Territory management goes beyond building and visualizing territories on a map. Get deeper data so you can allocate resources, see current and past territory performance and export data for a deeper dive.

Teams who use Map My Customers feel more confident not just managing territories but truly owning them.