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Industry Home Furnishings
Location North Carolina


Whit Barnes

Sales Manager
Greater NYC Area

Wildwood is a lighting, furniture and decor manufacturer based out of North Carolina. They create and distribute original, high-end pieces and sell to both retailers and interior designers.

We got the opportunity to chat with Whit Barnes, the sales manager for the greater NYC area:

Why did you seek out a tool like Map My Customers?

Whit: We are a relatively small home furnishings company. Some reps have been with us for 30 years, some only a year or two. Those new reps had no idea where all their customers were. So we were searching for a way to set these reps up to be successful and reach their customers in a timely manner.

Why did you choose Map My Customers over other sales tools?

Whit: Instead of having to go to Salesforce for a very large licensing agreement and a lot of things we didn’t necessarily need, we were able to get exactly what we wanted in a cost-effective way.

What was your team’s experience with field tech, before + after?

Whit: Whit: I had a rep once who was confident he knew where all his customers were. I knew in my head that he didn’t.

I pulled out my iPad in the car one day and said, “Alright, you know you have a customer one mile west of the highway here?” And he didn’t.

Those could be deals that are missed out on simply because they had either forgotten about that customer or had no idea that they were as close as they were.

What stood out to your team when making the decision to buy?

Whit: It’s very simple and functional. I don’t wanna go drive 45 minutes to an hour away and then just have to come back. So I’ll circle all the customers in that area, contact them quickly to see if they’re available and that could wind up being a successful day.

What is one metric of success for your reps and how have those numbers improved?

Whit: The most important one for us is certainly going to be how often reps get out in front of their customers. If you’re not getting out in front of your customers, you’re gonna fall out of top of mind and they’re just going to move on to the next person. We now try to average 8 customers a day. Without this tool, that certainly wouldn’t be possible.

If you’re not getting out in front of your customers, you’ll fall out of mind. Without this tool, (hitting our new goals) certainly wouldn’t be possible.

Whit Barnes

Sales Manager, Greater NYC Area

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