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Process Beats People, Ep #14

June 23, 2023

Outside sales leaders often don’t have a well-defined sales process. Rather than implementing a process, they rely on a few great salespeople. In this episode of the Field Sales Leadership Guide podcast, co-hosts JT Rimbey and Mary Keough discuss the need for a sales process that grows and replicates great salespeople.

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  • Are you replicating great salespeople? [01:06]
  • The value of a well-defined sales process [06:42]
  • Measuring what matters [10:44]
  • Optimization and scaling [16:04]


Support reps beyond training

Companies invest substantial time and resources in recruiting and training new sales representatives. They learn about the industry, product features, and how to engage in persona-based conversations. However, new reps may not receive further development after the initial training and are left to navigate their assigned territory alone. They may struggle with approaching the hundreds of accounts on their list effectively, with limited resources available to improve. While top-performing reps may offer some guidance, struggling reps often lack the necessary support.

When companies don’t have a clear plan, they often end up with new representatives who feel frustrated and lost. This lack of direction also makes it difficult for team leaders to guide struggling reps effectively. As a result, these new and expensive hires may feel overwhelmed and unsupported instead of receiving the help they need.


Communicating what drives revenue

As a sales leader, it’s essential to understand what generates the highest revenue for the company. If you’re unsure, it’s crucial to start tracking those processes to replicate success. Once you have identified the key drivers of revenue, prioritize supporting your sales representatives, from the representative’s perspective, to ensure their success.

A well-planned and executed sales process can expand a company’s reach by assisting top sales representatives in building rapport and establishing trust with more accounts. While top sales reps excel at building relationships with their clients, a well-designed sales process can help them identify which accounts to prioritize and when to engage with them in larger quantities.


Measuring what matters

Leaders may be tempted to rely on dashboards to hold their representatives accountable. However, the solution is simple: understand what generates revenue and assist reps in doing just that. By identifying revenue drivers, we can measure what truly matters, resulting in accurate insight and visibility. One-on-one coaching becomes less stressful with precise insights, allowing for more prescriptive and diagnostic coaching for outside sales reps eager to succeed. As a leader, having accurate insights can make executive meetings less stressful. These insights clearly show what top performers are doing right and how to help lower-performing representatives improve.

Tracking metrics that directly impact revenue is crucial for gaining valuable insights and encouraging adoption among sales reps. When reps understand the importance of what they’re being held accountable for, we can expect a significant increase in productivity. If the metrics we track cannot be linked to revenue by the sales representative, then there will be a lack of adoption and insight, leading to a greater issue.


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