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What CRM customer support should look like, Ep #16

July 28, 2023

In this episode of the Field Sales Leadership Guide podcast, host Mary Keough interviews Justin Lu, Head of Customer Success at Map My Customers, to learn more about how the software integrates with an organization’s tech stack and what customer support looks like. The discussion goes beyond the typical software demo to explore the details of Map My Customers.


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You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • What is customer success? [03:51]
  • The onboarding process [04:48]
  • Account setup and integration [14:02]
  • Training new customers [17:14]
  • Having a Customer Success Manager [22:20]
  • Ensuring MMC is fully integrated [26:37]


Goal-focused onboarding

The onboarding process for Map My Customers starts with a kickoff call involving the stakeholders, leadership, and anyone participating in the implementation and rollout of MMC. This call is designed to establish the company’s objectives and gain an understanding of where they currently collect data. That leads to the next major phase, data or integration with the company’s current CRM. MCC has native integrations with HubSpot, Salesforce, Dynamics, and Zoho, making MCC plug-and-play. With authorized access, MCC can quickly map and integrate data. Additionally, MCC can work with companies with data in other systems or spreadsheets.


Customized training

Training is where Map My Customers sets itself apart from other CRMs. Unlike other CRM providers, MMC handles the setup. The business relationship becomes more of a partnership than a service provider. People need to be empowered and know how to use a system while in the field. While MMC is intuitive, and many people can learn it themselves, a larger sales team will greatly benefit from training. MMC’s team starts by training managers with an overview. After that, MCC conducts several training sessions over a few weeks. 

The trainers customize the training sessions based on the customer’s goals and business processes, ensuring the team learns how to use the software effectively. By prioritizing customer goals and tailoring the CRM software to meet their needs, Map My Customers ensures that customers can effectively leverage the software to achieve their objectives and drive business growth.


Ongoing support

The Customer Success Manager at Map My Customers reaches out to customers a couple of times a year. Typically those calls result in scheduling an executive business review or an account review meeting. Those meetings are where MMC develops a deeper understanding of what is working for a company and new opportunities. MMC regularly releases new features, so having these check-in meetings is essential to provide a company with the most value possible from the software. 

A business review can also help determine if more training is needed and plan follow-up sessions. MMC now has an ongoing resource called Workshop Wednesdays and will offer more customized training packages in the future. Anyone can reach the Technical Support Team via chat or email to have questions answered in real-time during business hours, Monday through Friday.


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