Unlocking Your Inner Sales Beast: How To Use Sales Psychology To Close More Deals

Jan 17, 2019

There is a lot of information out there across google searches and e-books about using very effective psychological tactics to increase your sales numbers. Things like Loss Aversion and a “Decoy”. These strategies look at using buyer psychology to create a need and desire for your product that can’t be resisted. But what about seller psychology? How do you up your sales numbers by changing something you can control… you?

The mind is a very powerful thing. Subtle shifts in the way we view and react to situations or even how we approach day to day tasks can set a person up for greatness. Psychological training isn’t reserved for just high-level athletes or elite special forces. There are strategic ways that you can make shifts in your thinking, as a sales professional, that can help you to sell your product or service faster and easier than ever before. By utilizing these tactics, as well as some very powerful tools, you can become a sales superstar and master your sales productivity.

“Small differences in ability can lead to enormous differences in results.”
-Brian Tracy, Legendary Sales Professional

Source: Red Cap Sales Coaching

Strategies To Unleash Your Inner Sales Leader

Highly successful sales leaders weren’t necessarily born that way. You don’t have to have an MBA to reach sales numbers you’ve only ever dreamed of. By tapping into the power of our mind, specifically how we view and perceive common aspects or situations within the sales world, we can unlock the success that is meant for us.

With tweaks in our thinking and how we present ourselves and our products, you are almost guaranteed to increase revenue and reach your sales goals more frequently. Let’s take a look at some powerful strategies you can start implementing today:

Strategy #1 – Reset Your Financial Thermostat

It is proven that how you view and react to money will determine if you stay in the stress of making ends meet or you live abundantly and are content. Especially within sales, self-concept and our perception of money directly impacts how much we will continue to make as a salesperson. This is now frequently referred to as our financial thermostat. Brian Tracy stated it very well when he said “If you see yourself as a $50,000-a-year person, you’ll continually engage in behaviors that keep your income at $50,000. But if you “reset your financial thermostat,” you can adjust your self-concept of worth and the value of your work.” Stop and take a look in the mirror. Believe that you are worth everything you truly desire. There is nothing stopping you from making $100,000 a year but yourself.

It’s a matter of stopping and reprogramming your thinking. Stop the fear of money or viewing it as a foe. Truly believe that you are destined for everything you want and that you deserve to live abundantly. If you reprogram your thinking you allow yourself to break free of the negative and harsh taskmaster standing between you and your dreams. You open yourself up for opportunities (and sales) to present themselves. The only person that can make this happen is you. No one can do it for you. The only way you can break the negative financial thermometer forever is to change the way you see yourself.

Strategy #2 – Excel At Hearing No

Superior sales leaders are very very good at hearing no. They’re good at it because they almost relish in it. It becomes about the thrill. Very similarly to gamblers, good salespeople know that they are not going to close the deal most of the time. But they stay excited by the outside chance of winning and closing the sale.

What sets stellar sales reps apart from mediocre sales reps is the simple fact that they place value on the struggle. They do not get despondent when they hear no, they use it as fuel to continue the fire. Shift your thinking and reaction to hearing no from your prospects. If you make sales more about the chase and thrill of it, you will find yourself relishing the wins more when they happen. Very soon, you may even start to notice them happening more and more frequently.

Source: B2B Lead Experts

Strategy #3 – Always Strive To Become A Master

Selling is not a one-way street. You can spend all the time and money improving the way you take care of customers but if you don’t invest in improving yourself just as much (if not more) then much of your time and money is wasted. Those who have become sales superstars is their willingness and determination to invest in themselves. They are continually striving to improve and hone their skills, mindset, and sales philosophy.

The time is now to invest in yourself and your future value. Don’t wait for your organization to do it for you, or anyone else for that matter. It is never too late to take the first step in improving yourself and your circumstances. Be aggressive in your self-development and know that every step further you take is a step closer to reaching your goals.

There are hundreds of options available around you to further your sales skills. Books and blogs to read, podcasts to listen to, mentors to work with, and seminars to attend led by world-renowned sales and business masters. Investing in yourself doesn’t even have to mean spending money on outside resources. With a quick Google search, you can easily spend an hour a day with the goal in mind to further improve yourself, without spending a cent. It’s time to take 100% responsibility for the quality of your life and seeking out opportunities to learn and grow.

Spending time investing in yourself and improving your sales craft will not go unnoticed by those around you. Especially your customers and prospects. Customers open up to and trust businesses and salespeople who are masters at their craft. If you constantly strive and work to be the very best at what you do, day in and day out, your customers will see that you stand above your competitors. They will truly believe that if they were to move to another company, they will lose significant value that only you provide.

Source: Slide Share

Strategy #4 – Serve Hot Not Cold

No one likes to make cold calls to try and close sales. But what if you never had to do another cold call again? It is completely possible and much more preferable. With the availability of social media, internet based directories, business intelligence software and other tools, there is absolutely no reason you should be making a cold call. Even if you’ve never met the prospect you are about to call on, with a few shifts in thinking, you can approach that call with the knowledge behind it about who they are and what their need is. With a little preparation and brainstorming, you can approach the prospect like your neighbor at a backyard barbecue.

It is essential that if you want to up your game and increase your sales revenue, you have to plan and prepare for each and every call. Use business prospecting and intelligence tools, online corporate databases, and search engines to build a detailed profile of the company. If you can find social media accounts for the company, use these powerful tools to discover pain points or opportunities to streamline their processes. Through search engines and social media, you can also identify their company values, company leaders, and brands they associate with.
If you take the time to research a prospect, learn everything you can about them, and identify the solutions you can offer them you can quickly invoke another psychological tactic inherently. By showing that you know about their company and what their pain points are, you make that prospect feel important. But more importantly, you will show that you care about their success and how you can help them achieve it.

Strategy #5 – Get Emotional

One of the most impactful strategies you can start today is to let yourself get emotional. Get passionate about what you are selling. If you don’t truly and genuinely believe in what you are selling you will never break through and unlock the sales rockstar you can be. You can’t simply act like you have passion. You have to make it a part of you. Be passionate about who you are as a sales leader, about what you are selling, and what you believe in.

“Passions says: I am here to stay, I am here to make a difference, I will leave my mark in this world. It may take me my entire life, but I will not give up until my purpose and destiny are realized.”
-Victoria C., Experience.com

When you passionately believe in what you are selling other people will too. As Sherrie Campbell, a renowned psychologist studying sales psychology said, “What gets people to buy is a salesperson’s belief in the product. When a salesperson genuinely believes the product will make a huge difference in the customer’s life, it inspires hope. What gets people to buy is the belief in the product. A good salesperson thrives on hope.”

Along with eliciting hope and belief in your product, this passion also triggers emotions in your customers. People rarely base their purchase decisions solely on logical grounds, and more frequently are persuaded to make a purchase because of emotional triggers and other personal factors. Use these persuasion levers to drive more sales revenue and increase your sales productivity.
Have meaningful conversations with your prospects that allow you to probe for the emotional button that can sway them to purchase from you. Use powerful storytelling in which they can relate to articulate your product’s value and solutions. By being passionate about your product or service, making it personal and emotional for your prospect, and emotionally connecting you will unlock a sales superstar.

Source: B2B International


There are dozens of powerful shifts in thinking that you and your sales team can invoke today to set yourself up for continued sales success. By utilizing the power of the human psyche you can change how you view yourself, your financial situation, unlock new opportunities, and reach levels of sales success that you have only dreamed of.

Spend the time to invest in yourself, utilize powerful tools, and improve your mindset and your skills. You can’t rely on anyone else to do it but yourself. But the rewards will pay you forward time and time again. Remember, it is much easier for a customer to believe and trust in you if you believe and trust in yourself, your product, and the unparalleled solutions you can offer.

Have you harnessed the power of psychology to boost your sales productivity? Do you integrate these techniques into your sales training? Let us know how you made it work for your business and increased your sales revenue. We want to hear from you!