How Cadence Management Can Aid Your Sales Team [Infographic]

Sep 30, 2019

Not properly following up with prospects is one of the top and most common mistakes salespeople make. How frequently you stay in contact with your sales accounts and prospects, especially your larger accounts, can make or break your client relationships. This of course directly impacts your bottom line.

If your accounts are not separated by some type of organized strategy then you are almost guaranteeing that some necessary phone calls or visits are going to fall through the cracks. This will result in clients canceling services or lost new sales that can be very easily avoided. Alternatively, not having a regular cadence can result in an over excessive amount of contacts that make it seem like you are desperate and will drive potential customers away.

That is why we created this “How Cadence Management Aids Sales” Infographic to point out the necessity of a cadence automation tool and give some logical tweaks to your processes to set yourself and your sales team up for success both in-office and on the road.

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