Top Sales Call Tracking Software to Automate Your Calls

Oct 5, 2020

Communication and connection are key to effective selling. Being able to keep track of the communication activity and gain insight from these communications will help optimize this effectiveness. This is where call tracking software comes in.

Call tracking software will help you and your sales team connect the dots between the sales communication that is happening, tracking when it is happening, what is working (and what isn’t), and opportunities to increase revenue.

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In this article, we’ll break down what sales call tracking is, why it’s important, and the best call tracking software options available today.

What Is Call Tracking Software?

To put it simply, outbound call tracking software is a type of sales activity tracking tool that helps you initiate, track, organize, and analyze your sales call activities. By doing all of the above, call tracking software helps both inside and field sales teams unlock increased numbers of sales opportunities and increased revenue.

Many of the top outbound call tracking software options allow your sales reps to call prospects and customers directly through the application. Then, record important calls and customer data. Thus, automating parts of your sales communication process that can take up significant time when done manually.

As you probably know, you can’t capitalize on opportunities or make informed business decisions if you don’t have the data that points you in the right direction. Sales call tracking software enables you to associate details of your reps’ call activity with performance. You can see, on a large scale, what’s working and what isn’t and exactly where reps are focusing their time. This will not only spotlight opportunities to increase sales but also provide the insight needed for forecasting and other important business decisions.

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It is also important to understand what call tracking software is not. Effective call tracking software is typically constrained to activity tracking than full call automation. There are a variety of software options available that provide full call automation in the form of power dialers calling multiple people at once. These types of call automation platforms are more focused on increasing the volume of activity versus tracking and understanding the activity.

Even though some of the options in call tracking software that we’ll talk about in this article offer more sophisticated options than others, they are still distinctly different than automated power dialers.

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Why Is Sales Call Tracking Important?

The goal with any new tool or software for your business should be to help streamline processes and increase return on investment. Investing in sales call tracking will more than pay off in the long run for your company. Here are a few reasons why:

Save Time

The more time your reps have to focus on actually selling the more productive they will be in closing deals. In many cases, utilizing call tracking software will help your reps save valuable time by automating some of the repetitive administrative tasks. Tasks that include finding the customer contact information to initiate the call, logging call activity, when a follow-up should happen, and planning the next day’s calls.

Some of the software options, like Map My Customers, even allow reps to take care of all of these things while on the go from their mobile devices, saving even more time.

Drive Activity

Call tracking software will help drive increases in the amount of sales activity. Since tracking activity through the software will be quick and easy, naturally your reps will want to track more. Thus increasing the amount of sales activity that is happening.

It can also end up gamifying activity. Good sales reps are naturally competitive. So, as long as making and tracking calls and other sales activity is easy to do, reps will want to try and do more than their colleagues. This, again, will end up increasing the amount of sales activity.

Increase Revenue

One of the biggest advantages of utilizing sales call tracking is the increased revenue that can come from it. This is mainly because of the increase in sales activity that comes from using the software, as mentioned above. An increase in sales activity will mean more deals closed, which then means more revenue.

Also, with the increased insight that sales call tracking will provide, your team will be able to visualize and capitalize on more opportunities that may have been hidden before. Again helping to increase revenue.

Ability to Apply Meaning to Sales Activity

Call tracking software will allow you and your reps to quickly get an understanding of what works and what doesn’t, more clearly applying meaning to sales activity. Whether it is being able to see patterns in the volume or cadence of calls for certain types of customers or how your product is actually being discussed on calls, you will gain valuable insight to use moving forward.  When you know exactly what activity is proving to be the most effective in closing deals you can create an unstoppable sales force.

You can also apply the insight you gain from tracking the sales call activity to setting future KPIs and sales goals. You can be confident in knowing you are making data-backed business decisions.

Increase Insight

From a managerial perspective, tracking your team’s call activity will provide increased insight into exactly what your sales reps are doing. With sales call tracking software, sales managers will have better oversight and will be better armed to drive sales effectiveness.

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Some of the outbound call tracking software options below have the capability to record the sales calls as they are happening. With the opportunity to review calls after they happen, this creates great sales training opportunities as well. This can help to reduce the sales ramp-up period for newer reps as well.

The Best Call Tracking Software Options Available

There are a ton of different options available today when it comes to sales tracking software. Understandably, it can be hard to sort through and determine which might be the best option for your team. So we’ve done the investigation for you. Here are some of the best call tracking software options that can help your team sell more effectively:

Map My Customers

Best for sales teams in need of a call tracking solution that’s built for mobile and reps on the go

Image of the Map My Customers call tracking software feature in the mobile app
Source: Map My Customers

As you can see, optimizing your sales team’s communication activities and processes with call tracking software is key to increasing sales effectiveness. But, if you have a team with reps WFA (working from anywhere), you need software that can travel with you when needed. Map My Customers is your answer.

This mobile-first software provides you with the call tracking and automation you need directly on your mobile device, along with industry-leading territory mapping, team management, and route optimization. Your sales team can call, email, or route to customers and prospects quickly and easily directly from within the platform with the click of a button. The Quick Actions simultaneously allow reps to automatically log a call, email, or visit, enabling your team to keep up with their administrative work with very little effort and ensures clean data practices and increased insight across the board.

Map My Customers maximizes your team’s sales through a more intuitive workflow. The purpose-built sales tool simplifies your team’s day-to-day, making it easy to capture untapped data and equipping you to make revenue-driving decisions.

It can serve as your sales CRM or integrates with many of the top CRM options. By optimizing your processes, the platform enables you to make sure that your salespeople spend more time doing what they’re meant to do: selling.

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Best for sales teams who want detailed attribution to your marketing efforts

Many companies spend a significant amount of money on marketing efforts to assist their sales team in generating new customers. Some of these companies have a variety of different marketing campaigns going at the same time to drive in prospects. It can be tough to attribute which leads are coming from what campaign unless it is all being tracked effectively. Callrail helps sales teams track both outbound and inbound calls and can provide detailed information to help you determine what marketing efforts are really working.

When it comes to tracking outbound calls through Callrail, the platform enables your team to manage their leads and engage with customers more effectively. Assigned call tracking numbers are used when placing calls, calls can be recorded for training purposes, and your team will be able to see which calls still need to be returned, all directly from the dashboard. The platform includes robust functionality that integrates with several major marketing and sales platforms.

CallRail provides visibility into your sales and marketing efforts by giving you deep insight into how all of your outbound calls are handled and helping connect the data from calls, forms, and more.


Best for sales teams who want an easy-to-use platform that can also automate dialing

Effective sales tracking software will provide click-to-call capability as well as features to help you streamline and track all your sales calling activities in one place. Thus allowing you to take control of your team’s sales communications and maximize efficiency. Another option that allows you to do just that and close deals faster is Salesmate.  

Image of the Salesmate product interface
Source: Salesmate

The easy-to-use platform and automated workflows allow your sales team to be more efficient and focus on the right customers at the right time. Some of the features include click-to-call or text, recording outbound and inbound calls, automatically logging calls, creating insightful call reports, and utilizing timely follow-up notifications per customized sales cadences so no one falls through the cracks. With Salesmate, you do also have the option to utilize the Power Dialer and automatically dial contacts from the selected activities one by one using automation. This allows you to eliminate manually pulling up contacts for each call and speeds up dialing without getting into the complexities of a big power dialing platform.

Salesmate provides extended automation capabilities and enables you with valuable information from both outbound and inbound communications. You and your team can use this information to optimize sales calls, identify opportunities, spot new trends, and identify top-performing sales methods that are generating maximum revenue.

Hubspot Sales Hub

Best for sales teams looking for direct integration to the Hubspot CRM

When you get your team to adopt and utilize a CRM to help them manage sales activities, it can be tough to also introduce other tools unless they have seamless integration. If you and your team use the Hubspot CRM and are looking for simple integration, you may not know that there is a native call tracking software available. The Hubspot Sales Hub includes sales calling and call tracking capabilities with seamless functionality built into the CRM.

Not only can reps place calls from the platform without even picking up a phone, but your team will also have detailed call tracking and analytics directly in the CRM. With one click reps can connect to a prospect or customer through Voice Over IP or their desk phone. The calls will always come from their assigned number, and with an option to record each call, you and your reps will have reliable records of sales conversations.

Of course, calls are also logged automatically into the CRM. Combine this with free email tracking capabilities and it gives your sales team a frictionless experience, allowing them to spend more time with prospects.


Best for sales teams looking for direct integration to Salesforce

Another sales call tracking software option that offers seamless CRM integration is RingDNA. This software directly integrates with the Salesforce Cloud and offers a complete solution for dialing, call tracking, communications intelligence, and performance insight, all backed by powerful artificial intelligence (AI).

Image of the RingDNA product dashboard
Source: RingDNA

This software platform will drastically improve sales productivity, decrease onboarding time, enable your reps to connect with more prospects and increase the number of closed deals. The built-in intelligent dialer makes it possible for reps to call directly from within the Salesforce CRM, call from local numbers which increases prospect pick up rates, auto-log activities, and automate voicemail. From a managerial perspective, you’ll be armed with AI-powered analytics to know what tactics are really working and what needs to be improved.

A sales engagement platform with powerful calling, tracking, and communications management capabilities, RingDNA helps businesses scale sales revenue growth through intuitive AI.


Best for sales teams looking for call tracking/intelligence as well as powerful email automation

Ideally, you want to get your team to a point where all of the sales communication and processes that are happening are as streamlined and effective as possible. SalesLoft’s goal is to help you do just that by enabling sales teams to orchestrate every call, email, meeting, and customer interaction throughout the entire sales process.  

This software meets the needs of sales teams looking for more sophisticated call tracking and communications options without jumping into the world of big, multi number-calling power dialers. Through the platform sales teams can utilize one-click dialing from their desktop or mobile device, leverage custom local caller ID, automatically log and sync all calls to your CRM, utilize pre-recorded voicemail options, and boost sales communication with customized and automated sales emails.

For sales managers, not only can sales calls be recorded for review after the fact but you can level-up call coaching with real-time coaching and shadowing opportunities. You’ll also have access to powerful analytics across the platform to confidently make proactive moves to improve your sales processes, performance, and revenue.

SalesLoft empowers your sales teams to focus on selling, managers to focus on coaching, and operations and leadership to focus on strategy.


Best for sales teams looking for call tracking software built into a powerful sales engagement platform

Another sophisticated sales communication option that is distinctly different from power dialers, Outreach automates and prioritizes all customer touchpoints throughout the sales process. Thus freeing sales reps up to focus on what matters most: engaging customers effectively. For sales managers, outreach brings to light what resonates best through built-in analytics and machine learning, so you can create a playbook for your entire team’s success.

Image of the Outreach.io product interface
Source: Outreach.io

The web-based inbound and outbound sales platform places actionable communication data intelligence at the fingertips of sales reps through a single, integrated view of all customer-related information. With Outreach, sales teams can have more effective conversations through the multi-channel communications platform, track and plan all communications, utilize conversational intelligence, and improve with live call coaching.

Outreach enables companies to boost productivity, transform the sales process, drive collaboration between sales and marketing, and deliver higher revenue per sales rep.

Utilize Call Tracking Software to Help Maximize Sales Effectiveness

Whether your team is solely an inside sales team, a field sales team, or a hybrid mix of both, outbound call tracking software will prove to be invaluable in maximizing sales effectiveness. From optimizing processes to the resulting increases in revenue, the benefits of call tracking will far outweigh any initial investment in a new tool.

No matter the size of your company or sales team, there is a call tracking tool that will be a perfect fit. Test out a few of these call tracking software options to find the best fit for your team and supercharge your sales reps’ effectiveness!