The 6 Best Sales Coaching Software Tools

Mar 29, 2022

6 best sales coaching software tools

When it comes to coaching a sales team, there are many different metrics you could capture to help drive your coaching plan, depending on the individual/team.

Of course, for reps who have already been out in the field, sales leadership can look at hard sales data and look at key metrics like win rate and, deals closed, etc to pinpoint which reps may need further coaching. But, those numbers don’t usually answer the question of exactly WHY the rep isn’t meeting quota or is having trouble closing deals and how to address the challenges. This is where good sales coaching software connects the dots.

For both new reps who are being onboarded and current sales reps, this software will provide the direct feedback needed to help significantly boost sales effectiveness. Much of this feedback is based on essential soft skills needed to be successful and brings in elements of call coaching, conversational intelligence, sales video analysis, and other coaching methods.

Sales coaching software gives sales managers and reps the information needed to identify blockages and inefficiencies, strengthen skills, and improve individual performance.

In this article, we’ve outlined 6 of the best software options for effective sales team coaching:


Gong sales coaching data software
Gong delivers valuable insights from every customer-facing interaction. Photo Source: Gong

Gong is a revenue intelligence platform that captures and analyzes every customer-facing sales interaction that your team has via phone, email, web conferencing, and even out in the field. This software delivers valuable insights at scale, helping to empower reps with exactly what they need to increase sales effectiveness and close more deals.

Gong integrates with many of the top sales tools that teams utilize, including CRMs, email platforms, and popular web/video conferencing software. Reps can directly link Gong with their meetings and record conversations. With powerful AI capabilities, it transcribes interactions and identifies coachable moments and opportunities for upselling, cross-selling, etc.

Sales leadership no longer has to guess how the team is doing and where sales coaching may be needed. The information gleaned from Gong will laser-focus your coaching plan and allow you to ensure everyone on the team is utilizing the most effective sales approach and messaging.

With Gong, you’ll be able to easily identify best practices, scale them across your team, and reduce onboarding timelines for new hires.


Jiminny sales coaching software
Jiminny is a conversation intelligence tool providing insights and rich services to improve sales incomes. Photo source: Jiminny

Another great option in sales coaching software, Jiminny, a conversational intelligence platform, provides smart insights from customer conversations, empowering sales reps to grow and achieve success. This platform uses automation and AI to help all types of sales teams reach their goals and continue to grow revenue.

Jiminny plugs directly into reps’ browsers and records, transcribes, and analyzes your sales team’s customer interactions, highlighting successes and opportunities for improvement. This software will give you powerful insights on exactly where to coach for the highest impact.

With Jiminny, you and your reps can utilize easy-to-use communication, sales coaching, and team collaboration capabilities to enhance productivity, build better customer relationships, and improve sales communication. The platform includes a searchable library of sales activity and call transcriptions, as well as playlist creation, call coaching, snip-it and share, and improvement tracking capabilities.

Jiminny empowers sales leaders to be effective sales coaches and empowers reps to learn, collaborate, and improve revenue effortlessly.


MindTickle sales coaching software
MindTickle is another conversation intelligence is a sales coaching tool that helps reps increase product knowledge and change behavior. Photo source: MindTickle

MindTickle is a sales readiness platform that combines sales coaching, a sales trainer, conversation intelligence and more to help you easily forge a culture of sales excellence. With this software, sales teams can boost revenue by increasing their level of knowledge, understanding the most effective sales behaviors, and adapting to change.

The platform equips managers with data-driven sales coaching and provides automated workflows and user management to customize learning paths for its users based on their profile, performance, and needs. Users can take advantage of a variety of coaching techniques including microlearning, social and gamified training, AI reinforcement, learning program tracking, and more.

With Mindtickle, sales teams experience a 50% average reduction in onboarding time and a 64% increase in revenue generated by sales reps in their first quarter. The platform offers an easy-to-use web and mobile experience that fits the needs of all types and sizes of sales teams, from small teams to enterprise teams.


ExecVision sales coaching software
ExecVision provides robust sales coaching data dashboards to track key metrics. Photo source: ExecVision

Another option for a powerful conversation intelligence platform, ExecVision helps drive human behavior change, improve sales performance, and boost revenue.​​ This software helps bridge the “insights to performance” gap for organizations that rely on the success of human-to-human interaction.

ExecVision provides valuable insights from your team’s customer-facing conversations, helping improve decision-making, strategy, and sales performance. The platform records, transcribes, and analyzes calls at scale and identifies untapped opportunities and key moments where coaching is needed for the sales reps. Sales managers can plan customized 1-on-1 sales coaching and development and accurately track and measure individual rep performance.

This software offers powerful and incredibly intelligent features, like Smart Alerts that provide real-time or trend alerts for conversation activity, phrases or keywords, or account and opportunity actions. Sales managers can also utilize an in-depth performance dashboard that helps quantify the impact of sales coaching on performance.

Execvision’s mobile-friendly platform helps sales teams affect sustainable performance improvements that can significantly boost sales success.


Chorus sales coaching software
Chorus can streamline and automate conversation intelligence and coaching data. Photo source: Chorus

It can be hard to carve out the time needed to put together in-depth onboarding materials that include examples of successful sales calls or effective communications and customer profiles. Chorus is a leading conversation intelligence and sales coaching software that can streamline and automate this process and help optimize your team’s sales efforts.

This platform seamlessly integrates with your team’s CRM and captures and analyzes all of the customer calls, emails, and meetings. Chorus drives process and behavior changes and enables you to create effective training material and increase sales productivity. Sales teams can unlock valuable insights that will help reps close more deals.

Chorus uses powerful AI technology to point out key opportunities for upsells or cross-sells as well as where skills need to be developed. Sales managers can also quickly pinpoint what top sales performers are doing differently and use that info to build a solid foundation for an effective sales coaching strategy.  This reduces ramp-up time and ensures successful sales behaviors can be replicated across the entire team.

Showpad Coach

Showpad sales coaching software
Showpad combines interactive selling experiences with quizzes and training. Photo source: Showpad

Showpad Coach, part of the Showpad sales enablement platform, helps sales managers deliver the onboarding, training, and sales coaching that sales reps need to become trusted advisors and consistently exceed quota.

This platform combines industry-leading coaching methods with interactive selling experiences. Showpad ensures your reps can apply what they are learning and build further confidence through interactive practice, role-playing, quizzes, and more.

Showpad Coach’s intuitive Manager Hub streamlines sales coaching and training efforts. The platform allows managers to easily identify and address weak spots and leverage rich analytics and call recordings to coach as effectively as possible.

Sales Coaching Software Helps Laser-Focus Your Team For Success

To optimize your team’s success, your coaching plan should utilize several different types of coaching methods. As you can see, there are a variety of different types of sales coaching software that offer everything from call coaching to video coaching modules. Use these easy one on one coaching plan templates to organize the data derived from these software tools.

By using a couple of the software options we’ve covered above, you’ll be effective in the role of a sales coach and will be able to get your team on the same page, ensure they stay there, and empower them with the insight they need to be as successful as possible.

Optimize your sales coaching efforts with powerful software today!